AEG Gas Boiler Error Codes

AEG Gas Boiler Error Codes

AEG Gas Boiler Error Codes

E01 – Ionization Unit Code E01 is for good on show. Ensure that the gas valve on the boiler and meter is open and there’s gas within the itinerary (or tank). Turn off and so activate the device with switch one (see “Control Panel”) on the board. After the error code on the show disappears, the boiler can activate once more.

E02 – Safety Thermostat is tripped

E03 – gas pressure Switch (Pressure Switch) is tripped

H2o – water pressure switch is stuck The H2o a pair of code is for good on show. Check the heating medium pressure within the heating circuit. The reading on the gauge settled beneath the boiler shouldn’t be but one bar. If the pressure is a smaller amount than one bar, refill the system as represented in para “Makeup of the heating system”. The boiler can restart mechanically.

E05 – Heating device Malfunction

E06 – quandary device malfunction

E17 – Modulator failing

E22 – Parameter Programming Request

E77 – Power off Outside in operation vary

Care! AEG Gas Boiler Error Codes If the boiler isn’t to be used for a protracted time, the user should do one in all the following: Secure the boiler by removing it from all power sources and drying the heat. Switch the boiler to standby mode, by activating the frost protection perform, exploit the facility and gas provides severally.


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