Aeronik Air Conditioner Error Codes

Aeronik Air Conditioner Error Codes

Aeronik Air Conditioner Error Codes

Aeronic air conditioners not only provide heating or cooling Air in a residence or office. They make a favorable microclimate Inside the house taking care of the well being of a person. These air conditioners are long Time-tested, high level of utility. Aeronic air conditioners have a high degree of reliability.

E1 – increased pressure in the discharge of the compressor;

E2 – There was a freezing of the heat exchanger of the indoor unit;

E3 – The pressure in the compressor discharge was reduced;

E4 – Discharge pipeline temperature increased;

E5 – Active of the current relay of the compressor;

F0 – Defect occurred inside Room air temperature sensor , in indoor unit or in ambient air heat Exchanger In external unit;

F6 – Commutation malfunction;

E8 – The engine of the indoor unit is overloaded;

F1 – Defects occurred in the temperature sensor in the heat exchanger;

F4 – The temperature sensor has faults that are pumped Air chamber.



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