AKAI Air Conditioner Error Codes

AKAI Air Conditioner Error Codes

AKAI Air Conditioner Error Codes

This Akai air conditioner is equipped with a self-diagnosis (Error Codes) function to help you identify potential Issuess. Should you face Issuess with your air conditioner, 

Contact our sales support center using the description at the bottom of the page. However, before calling for service, please consult the self-diagnosis information below.

Indicates “dF” or heating icon Blink LEDs: Blink LEDs once per second: defrost signal

Fan motor picture is not running: eyelid once per second: anti-cold wind

E2: Blink LED once every 8 seconds: room temperature sensor fault

E3: Blink LED twice every 8 seconds: Coil Temperature Sensor

E8:  Blink LED 3 times every 8 seconds: indoor fan malfunction

E5: Blink LED 6 times every 8 seconds: External reaction

E7:  Blink LED 7 times every 8 seconds: external feedback flaw

E0: Blink LED  3 times every 8 seconds: open the door fault

E1: Blink LED 4 times every 8 seconds: external tube temperature sensor defect

E6:  Blink LED 6 times every 8 seconds: (EEPROM) communication failure

FF: Blink LED once per second: Exceed temperature temperature scope (very cold)

Akai Portable AC Error Codes

Akai Portable AC Error Codes

Issues: Error code “E1” in LED window
Reason: Environmental temperature sensor is broken.
Suggested Solution: Change the temperature sensor

Issues: Error code “E2” in LED window
Reason: the temperature sensor on the evaporator is broken
Suggested Solution: Replace Sensor

Issues: Error code “E3” in LED window
Reason: cooling system malfunction due to lack of refrigerant
Suggested Solution: Contact Local Repair Technician Directly

Issuess: Error code “E4” red full light in LED window is bright
Reason: The water tray is loaded in heating mode, but the unit is still working
Suggested Solution: Empty water in the water plate

Issues: Air conditioner does not work.
Possible causes and solutions:
1    Power failure / disconnect / loose connection; Check the power supply and make sure the unit is connected                   properly.
2    The timer-on function is active; Cancel it
3    Damaged indoor / outdoor unit fan motor; Call the after-sales support line to arrange a service.
4    Faulty compressor / thermomagnetic circuit breaker; call for service.
5    Faulty protective equipment or fuse; call for service.
6    Voltage exceeds or less than the required range; call for service.
7    The electronic control board is damaged; call for service.

Issues: Remote control is unresponsive
Possible causes and solutions:
The remote control is far away; Move closer to indoor unit
Remote control batteries are flat; To change.
The path to the signal receiver is blocked; Remove barriers

Issues: cooling (heating) efficiency is not good
Possible causes and solutions:
Inappropriate temperature setting – adjust fan speed.
2  Blocked air intakes / outlets – clear blockages.
3  Dirty Air Filter – Clean the filter.
The fan speed is set to LOW – increase.
5  Other sources of heat in the room – check

Issues: Indoor unit does not work directly after restarting it
Possible Causes and Solutions:

This is not a defect. Once the air conditioner turns off, you will have to wait for about 3 minutes before starting the unit again.

Issues: Odd smell from outlet
Possible causes and solutions:
The odor (from building materials, furniture or smoke) is reproduced in the room
Dirty Air Filter – Clean the filter

Issues: Noise like running water when cold
Possible causes and solutions: Refrigerant is flowing inside the unit – no cause for concern

Issue: Mist is emitted when cold
Possible Causes and Solutions: The cold air used for rapid cooling of the air in the room can be met with fog – no cause for concern

Issues: Haze is emitted on heating
Possible Causes and Solutions: The moisture from the defrosting process produces mist – no cause for concern.

Issues: Less noise is emitted during operation.
Possible causes and solutions:
 A low hissing sound is caused by the cold flowing.
There is less screaming due to expansion and contraction of plastic parts due to temperature fluctuations.
3   Wi-Fi connectivity Issues

Issues: The app does not show an air conditioner.
Possible causes and solutions:
 Check and make sure that you have Wi-Fi enabled on your smartphone.
Check your smartphone and make sure the air conditioner is connected to the same wireless router.
3  If the air conditioner is properly connected to the wireless router, the Wi-Fi indicator light on the display must be      on

Issues: Despite the correct connection, the remote control via smartphone does not work
Possible causes and solutions: restart your AKAI home app or reconnect your smartphone with a wireless router


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