Amana Washing Machine Error Code

Amana Washing Machine Error Code

Amana Washing Machine Error Code

The history of the Aamna brand dates back to 1934. It was named after the place it was founded (Middle Amana, Iowa). Today, it manufactures an array of home appliances, including products for kitchens, laundry and heating.
The list of Amana error codes given below will help you understand any problems with your washer. To get started, find the error code the washing machine is displaying. Now, find the list of error codes matching the model of washer you used. Try the suggested solutions to your problems, starting with the easiest.

Amana NFW7200TW washer error codes

LED Display                                                             Description Diagnostic code
nd The water level does not fall below the level of the low water level Fifteen minute before the start of rotation. 1
Lo door failed to unlock even after 3 attempts. 2
NF continuous Twelve minutes filling. Normal filling is fourteen minutes. 3
FL could not be blocked after three attempts. 4
LE Carry water level sensor faults. 8
OE A fault has been detected in the water level sensor. The data (frequency) indicates that the water level is at or above the overflow level. E
E2 The key is depressed for more than Thirty seconds, assuming the key is stuck. 15
Dc  never exceeded 400 rpm due to unbalanced load. 10
Od It did not open the door after two full wash cycles. The door switch has not been opened since the last two revolutions. 17
DL Door lock switch with engine running. 18
DS The door switch is read as open, and the door lock switch is read as locked. 22
BE The engine tachometer signal does not work. 25
TE An abnormal high / low speed is observed. Or oppose Om. 29
E3 The machine control is attempting to drive the motor, but is not seeing any response. Visual examination shows that the motor is not moving. (Off, Hall sensor fault) 2E







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