Amazon Echo Dot (3G General) Review

Amazon Echo Dot (3G General) Review

Amazon Echo Dot Review With a good design and significantly better audio, the third-generation Echo Dot is Amazon’s best, cheapest speaker. amazon echo dot 3rd gen 2 review

Amazon Echo Dot (3G General) Review
Amazon Echo Dot (3G General) Review, amazon echo dot 3rd gen review(amazon echo dot 3rd generation review)(amazon echo dot gen 2 review)(amazon echo dot gen 2 review)

When the first Echo Dot came out, it led Amazon to a huge lead in the smart home arena. At $ 49, the dot was a cheap way to get Alexa into your home, and it also made for a great gift. In fact, it is the best Alexa device you can get on a budget.

However, Google’s response, the Home Mini, not only looked better, but also looked better. With the third-generation Echo Dot ($ 49), Amazon returns to the top of the budget smart-speaker pack. So we named it one of our best smart speakers.

Amazon has an optional version of the Echo Dot, which costs $ 60 and comes with a built-in LED display. This is called an echo dot with a clock.

The soon-to-come Amazon Echo Dot has also been redesigned. It is a ball instead of a hockey puck, and offers the same “with a clock” version in two different colors for the same $ 59.99. The standard version is also priced at a familiar $ 49.99.

Echo dot design: greatly improved

Amazon takes a balanced approach to product design. The original Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show were useful at best, with hard plastic shells and a generic, budget-factory type of finish. It took the pressure off Google’s more attractive Home and Home Mini to get Amazon to think more seriously about what its flagship Alexa devices look like.

As a result, the third-generation Echo Dot trades in all the plastic sides of its predecessors for a fabric-covered finish. With softer, more-rounded edges, the new dot looks less like a hockey puck and something you want in your living room.

As before, the top of the dot is ringed with LEDs that light blue when the Alexa is listening; You’ll also find two volume buttons, a button to turn on the microphone, and a button to activate Alexa. Want to know why Alexa shines? Check out our guide to decoding Alexa’s green, yellow, blue, red and purple lights.

At 3.9 inches and 1.7 inches long in diameter, the third generation dot is slightly larger than the second gen dot, measuring just 3.3 inches wide and 1.3 inches high.

While the third-generation dot is available in three colors (charcoal, heath gray, and sandstone white), its new design means that you can no longer use the many third-party skins, cases, and accessories that the second-generation Were made for Dot.

With softer, more-rounded edges, the new dot looks less like a hockey puck and something you want in your living room.

Like with the older dot, you can connect a third-generation device to an external speaker via a 3.5 mm audio jack, or you can play music through the dot through its Bluetooth connection. Another minor improvement is that the third-generation Echo Dot supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi, while the second generation only supports 802.11n. Here’s how to set the Amazon Echo Dot.

Echo dot audio quality

At 1.1 inches, the speaker in the third generation Dot is half an inch larger than its predecessor, and shows extra size. Playing songs on the second-gen dot was a torturous experience, such as listening to music on third-rate transistor radios.

From the opening bars of Bruce Springsteen’s “Thunder Road”, it was immediately clear that the new dot is far superior. The opening drummer looked like a constant on the gene-2 ​​dot, but on the gene-3 dot, the Max Weinberg sticks were eventually received because of them. I could clearly hear Clarity Kleiman’s sax through the song.

But how does the new Echo Dot compare to that other budget smart speaker, the Google Home Mini? As it turns out, it is better in most cases. When Prince was playing “Raspberry Berrit”, the dot had a much fuller bass and was louder overall. The vocals were slightly muted in the default equalizer settings, although maximizing the treble helped a bit.

On the Mini, Prince’s vocals were slightly more forward and defined; I got the same thing with Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”; Between him and the song there was a bit crisper on the Sax Solo, Dot, which seemed a bit sloppy by comparison.

Still, I think most people would prefer the fuller sound coming from the Echo Dot over the sound of the Google Home Mini. To be sure, however, the dot still sounds as good as a full-size Echo anywhere, benefiting from both a subwoofer and tweeter.

There is a very useful audio feature rolling out all Echos. You can ask Alexa to adjust settings equal to the dot; For example, you can say, “Alexa, set bass to maximum,” or, “Alexa, reset the equalizer.” (You can increase treble and bass on a scale of -6 to 6.)

Although you won’t see a huge difference on the dot, the effect should be more pronounced on other devices. Amazon Echo Dot Review

What can you do with alexa

The previous Echo Dot had seven mixes to raise your voice, and did a great job on it; The third generation was equally sensitive and sensitive, and I loved listening to them.

Alexa‘s capabilities continue to grow, so it is difficult to keep this section of these reviews up to date. Suffice it to say, there are over 50,000 skills available now, including everything from playing mermaid to turning on your lights, ordering pizza, and riding to the airport. Here are our favorite skills for Alexa. And, be sure to check out our complete guide on using Alexa.

On Echo Dot (along with other Alexa speakers), you can stream audio through Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, SeriousXM, Pandora, i Heart Redio and TuneIn.

Like its skillset, Amazon keeps adding new smart home partners, so you won’t have a hard time finding a device that works with Alexa. From top-notch smart thermostats to top-notch smart lights, smart locks, smart plugs, smart light switches, and home security cameras, most top brands can be controlled via Alexa. Amazon is also developing a smart home routine, where you can control a set of smart home devices, such as “Alexa Goodnight”. It is not as smart as you can do with smart home hubs such as SmartThings, but for most consumers it will be enough.

More: The best products that work with Amazon Alexa

Other features include the ability to use Alexa to call and message others, to leave other Alexa devices, and to broadcast a message to every Echo device in your home. amazon echo dot 3rd gen review(amazon echo dot 3rd generation review, amazon echo dot gen 2 review)

Ground level

When we reviewed the second-gen Echo Dot, our only complaint was that its speaker was not great for music. Well, Amazon decided, to make the third generation Dot a smart speaker that is really worth listening to. At $ 49, the third-gen dot is the best, cheapest way to get Alexa into your home.

If I had to nitpick, I would mention that you can no longer add a cover to the exterior of the dot to change its look. Also, for the price, the Echo Dot is a practically perfect smart speaker.

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