Arderia Gas Boiler Error Codes

Arderia Gas Boiler Error Codes

Arderia is a trademark of gas heating equipment manufactured by the South Korean company Daesung. While assembling its equipment, the company uses a system developed at the Toyota plant, which contributes to the high quality and reliability of the products.Arderia Gas Boiler Error Codes All gas boilers in Arderia have a wall-hung hanging method, single-circuit and double-circuit boilers. All boilers are equipped with a built-in voltage regulator in the network, which provides boiler protection in cases of power surges.
In addition, the boiler is adapted to low gas pressure (operated under a pressure of 4 mbar). High performance is ensured by a copper primary heat exchanger, and the continuous presence of hot water provides an additional steel plate heat exchanger. Boiler kits include modern automation and a reliable security system.
Undoubtedly their advantage is a very affordable price with a very good quality. Minus – We have not met them so often and feedback about their use and repair does not allow us to create any statistics. But, nevertheless, the available feedback is very positive.
Experts argue that wall-mounted gas boilers have the highest Arderia efficiency if condenser boilers are not taken into account.

A1 short to air pressure sensor
Chimney blow
1. Pressing Flakes
2. I Outlet

A2 low fan speed 1. Poor contact
2. Wiring connection is interrupted
3. low speed fan (hit strangers)

A3 pump failure
The head pressure sensor was activated before Pump 1 was turned on. The sensor

A4 Overheating Sensor Started
1. All heating shut-off valves are closed
2. The filter of the heating circuit is full
3. The pump does not work.
4. 3-Way Rooster Doesn’t Work
5. DHW flow sensor does not work

A5 Cooling Low Pressure
1. insufficient water in the heating system
2. Air in the heating system
3. The pump does not work.
4. The circulating pump works but insufficient frequency damaged damaged impeller
5. Pump head pressure malfunction
6. Lack of water in the heating system

A6 ignition error, no ignition, chimney blocking
1. insufficient gas pressure
2. Gas valve does not work
3. Transformer does not work
4. blocked gas flow

A7 gas valve malfunction,
Closing of the gas valve relay malfunction of the control unit

A8 residual flame in the chamber, non-sparking flame
There is a small flame – although the voltage does not flow on the gas valve
1. Problem with the diaphragm inside the gas valve
2. If the replacement of the gas valve does not help – replace the control unit

A9 reduces the temperature of the water in the frosting boiler by 5 degrees

Aa boiling
1. All heating circuits are closed
2. Closing of the heating system filter
3. The pump does not work.
4. Disadvantages in 3-way cranes
5. DHW flow sensor does not work

Thermostat malfunction
1. Short circuit in the thermostat
2. Poor connection between the thermostat and contact 13 + 21

AE Chimney Blocking
1. Accession of foreign goods
2. Deformation of the gas pipe



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