Ardo Dishwasher Error Codes

Ardo Dishwasher Error Codes

ardo Dishwasher Error Code

Ardo Dishwasher Error Codes

Error Code Error Code Interpretation Possible Dishwasher Malfunction

E1 Bay of Water
If an error occurs, it is recommended:
Check all filters entering the machine, water blockage;
If the aquastop has worked, check the water in the pan, drain pump and aquastop sensor;
Integrity of bay valve coil and valve operation;
Pressure switch and serviceability of its operation.

E2 Water heating, operation continues, heater is off until maximum 45 minutes have passed. Check the thermostat (NTC) for an open or short circuit.

E3 When heating must take place test the temperature change in one phase of the test mode.
Check the resistance of the flow microswitch, it has to be switched off.

The emergency thermostat did not work.

E4 Check operation of the water inlet flow sensor.

E5 water drainage. If the pressure switch produces a “full tank” signal when the water is released, the water inlet is released, the machine performs the next step. As a rule during the first drain on any program, there are two options for describing the error. The first is suitable for the case when the error does not block the washing process. Check the pump. If, however, with this error, the washing cycle is blocked, the problem may occur not only in the drain pump, but also in the pressure switch.

E6 Washing, Washing-Heating
Check that there are no inverted cookware where water may collect.
Check that the grill is not blocked.

E7 During additional steps, check that the flow switch is working correctly.



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