Ardo washing machines Error codes

Ardo washing machines Error code

Ardo washing machines Error code Interpretation Washing Machine Potential Malfunction

Ardo washing machines Error code

E00, E01 drain from washing machine

Washing machine filter.

E02 Incorrect drain / filler of water and spin

Incorrect drain hose condition – system malfunction.

E03 There is no discharge of water from the tank or drainage time has exceeded (more than 3 minutes) a technical fault, which should be addressed to the service center for maintenance of home appliances in any event

F2 temperature sensor problems in temperature sensor, in control module or in heating element

F4 is not water drain Problems connecting drain hose, drain pump malfunction. It is necessary to replace it.

F5 Simultaneous drain and water set drain hose is not connected properly, water supply filter has problems.

F6, F12 was the flow of water in the washing machine tank. Module or motor malfunction.

F8 Excessive water level in tank Problems with water level sensor – Problems with solenoid valves.

F13, F14 Water level sensor problems – problems with solenoid valves. Significant errors inform the electronic control module malfunction.

Ardo washing machines Error code

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