Ariston Dishwasher Error Codes

Ariston Dishwasher Error Codes

Ariston Dishwasher Error Codes

AL01 1-3 Aquastop triggered leakage in body pan. The float has surfaced.

AL02 2-4 Water does not flow first, check SV fill valve.

AL03 1-2 3-4 Circulation Pump Fault. Level sensor malfunction
Maximum time to drain water is exceeded (more than 4 minutes). The level sensor is locked to the full position.
The drain pump is faulty;
Cliff or poorly exposed wire;
The impeller of the pump is blocked;
The electronic module is faulty.

AL04 3 5 Replace the NTC temperature sensor supply circuit defect electronic module (NTC temperature sensor defective).

AL05 1-3 3-5 Circulation pump malfunction. Level sensor malfunction.
The wires on the connector of the circulation pump’s electric motor are cut or mixed, the initial winding is faulty, the electric line is faulty. Modulus;
The condenser of the circulating pump has no contact or is defective;
The level sensor contacts are open during the washing process;
The drain hose is positioned incorrectly, much less;
Filled filter in tank.

AL06 2-3 4-5 Mains Supply Defective SV
The fill valve is faulty, or the wires in its circuit are broken, the electronic module is faulty.
The filling is greater than the rotation time of the turbine (3 minutes).
Level Sensor Lock – Jam Lock
The SV fill valve is faulty or its wires are cut.

AL07 not used

AL08 4 6 Temperature Sensor Error NTC
The allowable time to heat the laundry water has been exceeded (more than 40 minutes).
The NTC temperature sensor does not have a reliable mechanical contact with the machine’s tank or is not calibrated.

AL09 1-4 1-4 Software Validation Error
The electronic module is not programmed.
Faulty keyboard

AL10 2-4 4-6 power supply line failure
Defective heating element.
Wire breakdown in the heating element circuit.
Relay malfunction on electronic module.
The overheat safety sensor on the heating element is not calibrated.

AL99 -Communications problem with cable or electronic module not possible



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