Ariston Gas Boiler Error Codes

Ariston Gas Boiler Error Codes

Ariston Gas Boiler Error Codes

Error 101 – This may be due to overheating the thermostat or NTC sensor in the output of the primary heat exchanger. It operates at a temperature of 102 degrees, which receives an indication of overheating of the coolant. Main reason: increased pressure at the outlet of the gas valve – recommend testing and adjustment. Coarse filter is dirty – poor circulation in the heating system – check and, if necessary, clean the filter with dirt. Poor cross-country heat exchanger due to scale structures – in this case it is recommended to rinse or replace. Circulation pump malfunction. Apart from these faults, the NTC sensor or electronic control card may also suffer damage.

Error 102 – Heating circuit pressure sensor faulty (short circuit or open circuit) – Check the sensor voltage on the terminal board and install a new one if necessary. The voltage on the control unit is switched off from 0 volts or 5 volts code 102.

Error 103 – The heating medium in the supply line heats very quickly (more than seven degrees per second).

Fault 104 – Increase in temperature in the supply and return lines by more than 20 degrees per second.

Error 105 – The difference between the temperature of the supply and the return pipeline is more than 55 degrees (three times).

Error 106 – The temperature of the return pipe is 10 ° higher than the feed temperature (three times).

Error 107 – The temperature in the return pipe exceeds the supply temperature once more than 30 degrees.

Error 108 – The pressure drop in the heating system is below the required level (model equipped with a pressure sensor). In most cases, it is recommended to add water to the system (makeup) to solve the problem, but if this type of problem occurs after a short period of time (several days), you may have to look for the cause of the coolant. is. Check leakage or expansion tank.

Error 109 – Pressure on three bars.

Error 110 – Faulty thermistor in supply of heating system (open circuit, no contact, short circuit).

Error 111 – Same as Code 108 for Ariston model with automatic replenishment mode.

Error 112 – Return pipe temperature sensor malfunction (open circuit or short circuit).

Error 114 – No contact with external temperature sensor (for some boiler models there may be a problem with the electronic board’s firmware).

Same as error 116 – 114, only for room temperature sensor.

Ariston Gas Boiler Error Codes

NTC circuit problems
201 – Sensor to feed DHW circuit (NTC) – There is no contact.
202 – Sensor for supply to DHW circuit (short circuit).
203 – Temperature sensor in tank – no contact.
204 – Temperature sensor in the tank – a short circuit.
205 – Sensor at inlet in DHW circuit (from solar system) – no contact.
206 – The sensor in the DHW circuit (from the solar system) inlet is a short circuit.
207 – Overheating of Solar Collector Piping.
208 – Low Temperature in Pipeline of Solar Collector.
209 – Overheating in tank (boiler).

Problems with electronic control unit
Check reliability of connected ends and wiring contacts. And also an easy way to know how to turn off the Ariston boiler from the network and turn it on after a few minutes.

301 – Performance malfunction, ROM problems.
302 – GP-GIU exchange error.
303 – Internal fault of computer.
304 – More than five faults within 15 minutes – here means press more than 5 reset buttons, turn off the 304 bus boiler and reset it again to reset the error.
305 – Internal Block Error.
306 – Internal control unit error.
307 – Internal fault of computer.

Ignition and detection fault
Error 501 – No flame during ignition. Possible signs, and what needs to be done: forgot to open gas or faucet. If the gas is still present, and the unit ignites, and then dries with an error of 501, check the ionization electrode (flame spiral). Ensure that it is clean, not bent, does not break the wire and reaches the board with which it connects successfully.

Error 502 – The flame is detected when the gas valve is closed. Possible signs, and what needs to be done: If the flame is not actually present, but the boiler produces this error, it is due to the ionization electrode. Perhaps it is wet and fixes what is not. The other thing that can happen is a gas valve malfunction.
The following is a general description of the four errors: potential problem in ionization electrode, gas pressure, or air flow, outflow of combustion products. It happens that condensate infiltrates on the chimney in the cold and prevents the movement of air in and out of the system. Therefore, the correct installation of a chimney with a slight downward slope to dry the condensate is recommended.

Error 5P1 – First ignition attempt failed.

Error 5P2 – The second ignition attempt is unsuccess.

Error 5P3 (SP3) – Flame separation during operation.

Error 5P4 – Three flames in a work cycle.

Error 601 – The flue gas overheating sensor is triggered (only in the mechanism with an open combustion chamber, standing in the vicinity of the chimney).

604 Error – The fan speed is too low or the hall sensor is faulty.

Common defects of Ariston boilers with codes 607, 6P1, 6P2.

607 Error – The air pressure switch is tripped before ignition starts.

Error 608 – The pressure switch did not work, but the fan turned on (check the pressure switch and all its connections).

6P1 or 6P2 error – delay in contact closure of air pressure switch. In the case of overheating, for example, if you tried to ignite the appliance with an incomplete heating system, or after a long period of inactivity, air had accumulated in the primary heat exchanger, or perhaps for some other reason. But as a result of more heat, the lower part of the venturi tube melts slightly. And then the air pressure switch stops discharging, because the holes in the tube make the air useless. The result is boiler protection, with error codes 6P1 or 6P2.
The difference of code is that if all this happens during the operation of the device, it will exit and display the code 6P2. If you try to ignite it with an already damaged handset, it simply does not light up and returns error code 6P1. Thus, another degree of protection of the unit is in effect.


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