Ariston Refrigerator Error Codes

Ariston Refrigerator Error Codes

Ariston Refrigerator Error Codes

Ariston Refrigerator Error Codes

F01 – Relay regulating the functioning of the compressor is damaged

F02 – Compressor connection is broken

F03 – TEN, compressor, damper, fan controlling unit failure

F04 – The fan does not work in the freezer

F05 – Thermostat flap has problems

F06 – The semiconductor system of the thawing process is defective

F07 – Violation of electrical heater connections involved in thawing

F08 – Problems with solenoid valves

F09 – Electronic Product Failure “Firmware Meeting”

F10-type technology, the CCZ-secondary valve is broken; , But in Frost units – on / off damper is damaged

F11 – Failure of a semiconductor device located in a system that controls the operation of the refrigerating chamber

F12 – Display and control module has been disconnected

F13 – The programmed temperature retaining fan in the refrigeration compartment does not work

F14 – Incorrect operation of the module that controls the operation of the damper, heater, fan

F15 – Semiconductor located in the system that controls the operation of TEN

F16 – No Frost in Units – The system’s heating system, which circulates the flow of air, does not function; In other types of equipment – the fan in the refrigerating compartment is damaged.

F17 – In aqua care machines – a problem with the valve; Units ever fresh – with a vacuum pump

F20 – Blown Light Source

F21-F26  codes indicate defects in temperature sensors:

F22 – in the refrigerator compartment

F23 – Refrigerating compartment in evaporator

F24 – In the low temperature department

F25 – In the freezer compartment evaporator

F26 – CCTV Thermal Detector

F28 – Display Module Failure

F40 – F53 – Code that appears when the button fails:

40 – Switching On / Off

41 – Automatic Control Options

42 – Holiday Options

43 – Champagne Cooling Options

44 – Automatic Temperature Adjustment Options

45 – Quick Freeze Options

46 – Emergency Cooling Options

47 – Alarm Message

49 – Reducing the temperature in the fridge box

50 – Increase in temperature of refrigerating compartment

51 – CCZ

52 – Freezer Temperature Rise

53 – Lowering the freezer temperature



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