Asko washing machines Error Codes

Asko washing machines Error Codes

Asko washing machines Error Codes

Error Code / Error Message Description Error status and cause

E01 (for model W401 / 421/501/521/531)
Motor malfunction (for W640 / 650/660 model)
Problems in the operation of the drive motor (common error) One of the elements in the drive motor power circuit is faulty: the control relay and reverse relay on the control board and controller and the motor itself. In such a situation, it is also necessary to check the taxogenrator.
If the listed items are OK, then you need to change the entire controller

E02 (for model W401 / 421/501/521/531)
Water Inlet Fault (For W640 / 650/660 Model)
Problems with water filling If the tank was not filled with water up to the nominal level, an error appears.
A defect can occur for the following reasons:
– Lack of water in the water supply;
– Water inlet valve is damaged;
– Water inlet path is full;
– Electronic controller is faulty;
– Water level sensor has failed

E03 (for model W401 / 421/501/521/531)
Drainage Fault (For Model W640 / 650/660) Drainage Problems Check the connection between the electronic controller and drain pump. At the time of perceived activation of the drain pump, check for the presence of mains voltage at its contacts. If it does not, check the pump itself (220 V supplied), its connector, and an electronic controller.
Check the water level sensor, its connection to the electronic PCB controller. In the W501, W521, W531 and W421 models, the sensor output voltage (in the absence of water in the tank) must be less than 0.6 V. If this voltage is equal to or greater than the specified value, the sensor must be replaced.
See the drainage path for blockages.
Change electronic controller

E04 (for model W401 / 421/501/521/531) Insufficient water supply If the tank has not been filled with water up to a nominal level for a certain time, an error occurs. The defect may be due to the following reasons: – Low water pressure in the water supply; – Bay passage is obstructed (valves, filters, nipples)

E05 (for model W401 / 421/501/521/531) Water heating problem. The error occurs when the water temperature in the tank is much higher than the set. In such a case, check the temperature sensors, heaters and their circuits. Replace controller if necessary

E06 (for model W401 / 421/501/521/531) Water heating problems This error occurs if the water temperature in the tank has not reached the set value within the allotted time. In this case, check the heater and its circuit. If necessary, replace the controller.
Door Lock Fault (for Model W6651 / 6661) Locking Fault (hatch door is not closed or hatch is open) In most cases, to reset the error, you must close the hatch again. If this does not help, check the  hatch lock, and also the electronic PCB controller
Flaming (not for all modifications of model W6651 / 6661) Fixing the increased price If an error occurs, run the program “RINSE”.
To avoid such mistakes in the future, use detergents with lower pricing, and monitor their dosage as well.

Overfilling (for model W6651 / 6661) Overfilling (for model W640 / 650/660) determines the level of water overflow in the tank. In such a case, check the integrity of the water filler valve, level sensor and controller (the latter is a replacement). If the discharge pump does not turn on when the overflow level is reached, check it
Termistor fault

(For model W640 / 650/660)
Faulty temperature sensor. Check the sensor for an open or short circuit.
Pressure sensor error

(For model W640 / 650/660)
Level sensor malfunction Check the sensor and its connector connected to the tank



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