Beko Washing Machines Error Code| Solution

Beko Washing Machines Error Code| Solution

Beko Washing Machines Error Code| Solution

BEKO Washing Machines Error Codes Interpretation Washing Machine Potential Malfunction

H1 temperature sensor malfunction
There is no reliable contact in the temperature sensor’s control circuit – it is necessary to check the circuit, so that the problematic areas can be repaired or replaced.
There was a malfunction in the thermal sensor – replacing the thermal sensor).

H2 electric heater defective (heater does not heat water to desired temperature).
The heater contacts were oxidized or weakened – necessary to tighten the contacts and clean the oxides.
The electric heater (the working element has flown off) has gone into malfunction – to replace the electric heater).
The electronic controller has failed – replace the charred parts of the controller or complete replacement of the controller.

H3 TEN Constant (Strong Water Excess).
There was a malfunction in the temperature sensor – replacing the thermal sensor).
There is a malfunction on the main board of the control unit – to replace the parts that have failed, or to completely replace the board

H4 Closing a trio of water valves.
The water valve was a defect area of ​​the valve’s control circuit triac – check the wiring, tighten the contacts, if necessary, replace the problematic parts of the circuit.
The main board of the control unit has faulty elements – replace burned parts, or repair contact tracks, or replace the entire board.

H5 malfunction of pump (water is not pumped from the tank).
Bile pump pump is full – clean the pump filter).
The position of the drain hose is broken – restore the position of the hose according to the instructions.
There were problems with the drain hose – clean the hose from dirt, eliminate excess.
The water-pump pump has malfunctioned – replace the pump).

H6 Motor Thermistor Defect
In the event of a trike malfunction, replace the trike.
If there is no indication for the triplet from the control board, repair the board) or replace it completely.
In the event of an open circuit inside the motor, replace the motor.

H7 water level sensor defect.
The mechanical part of the hatch locking device’s latch has gone into malfunction – UBL repair or complete replacement).
The washing machine presostate went out of order – to replace the presostat.
There are faults in the wiring between the water level sensor and the electronic board – it is necessary to service the contacts, replace the wiring that has faults.
There were defects in the electronic module board – repairing the board or replacing the module completely.



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