BERETTA Gas Boiler Error Codes| Error Solution

BERETTA Gas Boiler Error Codes| Error Solution

BERETTA Gas Boiler Error Codes| Error Solution

BERETTA Gas Boiler Error Codes| Error Solution,To restart the boiler, turn the mode switch on, wait five to six seconds, then return it to the desired position. After this it will start on its own. If normal operation cannot resume, call the service technician.

Fault A01 – Blocked by absence of flame. Control board malfunction shutdown. Five unsuccessful attempts to ignite. Make sure the gas valve is open. Ensure that there are two ignition electrodes.

Fault A02 – Limiting thermostat.

Fault A03 – Termination of work on smoke extractor pressure switch.

Fault A04 – Hydrostatic pressure switch blocked.

Fault A06 – NTC dhw sensor malfunction.

Fault A07 – NTC heating sensor malfunction.

Fault A11 – Flame simulation.

Fault A20 – After the gas valve is closed, the flame takes a long time to disappear. Check that the gas valve is working correctly. Replace the gas valve.

Fault 24 – Fan Fault. The measured fan speed varies much faster than the read speed. Check fan. Check the fan electrical connection. Change fan.

Malfunction due to last stop of the beretta boiler

It is necessary to reset the unit using the reset button.

Fault 10 – Blocked due to lack of flame.

Fault 11 – Simulated simulation of flame.

Fault 20–  Limit thermostat is damaged.

Fault 21 – The burner thermostat is faulty (Mix CSI model).

Fault 22 – The flue gas thermostat is inactive (CAI model).

Fault 30 – Defect of smoke extractor (MIX CSI model).

Fault 40 – insufficient pressure in the heating system.

Fault 42 – The water pressure sensor is defective.

Fault 50-59 – The electronic board fails.

Temporary malfunction, Beretta boiler automatically tries to restart the operation

Fault 31 – Smoke Exhaust Pressure Switch (Mix CSI Model).

Fault 41 – insufficient pressure in the heating system.

Fault 60 – The DHW temperature sensor is damaged.

Fault 71 – There is a problem with the temperature sensor in the heating system.

Fault 77 – Low temperature thermostat fault.

Reset Faults Automatically

E23 – Internal Fault. Replace the main control board.

E34 – The frequency in the power network is not 50 Hz.

E02 – NTC-1 open (sensor at device output). The primary circuit does not have a sensor connected on the supply line or has an open.

E04 – NTC-3 is open (DHW sensor). The DHW sensor is not connected or has an open circuit.

E18 – NTC-1 – Short Circuit. Short circuit on the sensor of the supply line in the primary circuit.

E20 – NTC-3 Short Circuit. Short circuit on DHW sensor.

E33 – Phase and neutral are reversed. Connect the phase and neutral wires correctly.

E34 – Reset Button Fault code. The button was pressed more than 7 times for 30 minutes. Wait until the Fault disappears. If the Fault still exists after a maximum of 40 minutes, replace the card.

E35 – Fault code of differential water pressure switch (contact open). Ensure that the flow of water in the circuit of each unit is corrected. In each unit, the flow rate should be 2 m3 / h. Replace the water pressure switch (500 liters / hour installation).

E37 – Flame detection Fault. Clean the electrode. Replace the electrode.

E38 – Short circuit of flue gas sensor. Check the connector of the flue gas sensor. Replace the flue gas sensor.

E39 – Contact with flue gas sensor is open. Check the connector of the flue gas sensor. Replace the flue gas sensor.

E40 – Check the frequency in the power line.

Exhibits and other symbols appearing on their designation

ADJ – Electronic setting of minimum and maximum power.
The symbol is lit 88 degrees – awaiting ignition.
Symbol of the flashing ring – dissection by hydraulic pressure switch.
P – DHW preheating function activated.
Nimish P – Request for preheating to DHW.
The 60 degree symbol is lit – DHW circuit request.
The symbol is lit for 80 degrees – heating circuit request.



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