Biasi Gas Boiler Error Codes | Troubleshooting

Biasi Gas Boiler Error Codes | Troubleshooting

Biasi Gas Boiler Error Codes | Troubleshooting, If the alphanumeric figures flash in the navigation display in the BIASI Binova models, and in the Rinnova models you can observe the same process on the control panel screen – this indicates that you are experiencing some kind of malfunction in the gas heating system. In most cases, you just need to press the Reset button to restart the automatic system. But there are situations when you just can not do without specialized assistance.

Biasi Gas Boiler Error Codes

If the letters E are flashing on the screen or the display, and with them the numbers and the unit does not turn on, then you can restart the system and continue to operate the machine. Below are the most common Faults in which the operation of the device is blocked.

Biasi Gas Boiler Error Codes

Biasi Gas Boiler Fault E01 – Stopping the device due to incorrect ignition. Check Properly  the function of the gas valve, the supply gas pressure.

Biasi Gas Boiler Fault E02 – Faults related to the thermostat. Check Properly  the operation of the sediment, the stop valve, the temperature sensor of the thermostat.

Biasi Gas Boiler Fault E03 – Blocking the functions of the unit. Check Properly  the mains voltage and earth.

Biasi Gas Boiler Fault E04 – The pressure in the heating system has increased. Check Properly  the functioning of the circulation pump, the serviceability of the manometer.

Biasi Gas Boiler Fault E05 – Unit blocking associated with traction. Check Properly  the serviceability of the fan, the thrust sensor. Inspect the chimney or venturi pipe.

Biasi Gas Boiler Fault E06 – The temperature sensor of the heating system is faulty. Check Properly  the electrical network, make sure the NTC sensor is operating correctly.

Biasi Gas Boiler Fault E07 – The temperature sensor of the water supply system is damaged. Check Properly  the electrical network and the operation of the NTC sensor in the DHW system.

Biasi Gas Boiler Fault E08 – External temperature sensor blocking. Check Properly  the electrical network and the operation of the external NTC sensor.

Biasi Gas Boiler Fault E11 – The occurrence of a parasitic flame. Check Properly  the operation of the gas valve. Inspect the mains and Check Properly  the ductility.

Biasi Gas Boiler Fault E14 – Blocking associated with the movement of the coolant. Check Properly  the operation of the circulation pump and NTC sensor of the heating system.

Biasi Gas Boiler Fault E20-23 – The electromagnetic solder is defective. Check Properly  the mains and the valve.

Biasi Gas Boiler Fault E24 – Incorrect burner operation during ignition. Check Properly  the gas pressure and the presence of electricity.

Biasi Gas Boiler Fault E25 – problemss with gas supply during operation. Check Properly  that the connection is correct, the flue is open and the manometer is working.

Biasi Gas Boiler Fault LC 26 – Blocking associated with increasing the power of the flame. Check Properly  correct Installation, burner operation, gas pressure, and chimney.

The Fault codes are instantly transmitted to the display. Therefore, you will immediately be notified of the problems. All of the above problems can be eliminated by pressing the Reset button. But there are cases when on the display to the above is added another figure or symbol (most often these are working tools). In this case, you should contact a qualified technician to inspect the unit. All the fault values are reduced to the fact that you will need to replace the part. For example, fault E05 (Thrust Lock) is displayed. The boiler is switched off and there is a tool symbol on the display. Then you should call the master to replace the draft sensor or fan, or clean the chimney.

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Biasi Gas Boiler Error Codes | Troubleshooting

Broken Gas Boiler Biasci Nova Para 24S. NTC is not working correctly, namely: the water gets worse and worse, despite the fact that the “5” mode is set. At initial start-up, boiling water is poured from the tap for the first 10 seconds, after which the device reduces the intensity of the flame, and the water cools strongly (no more than 30 ° C). Recently, a primary heat exreplacer has been replaced, and a secondary has been cleaned. The unit has been in operation for 6 years. What can be associated with this problems?

You should check the NTC temperature sensor. There may be a problems.

In the wall boiler Baysea Delta 24, when the heating is on, the water boils. At the same time, when the device is working on the DHW circuit, there is no problems. Replacement of the board did not solved the problems. I noticed that if it is set to “7” or “3” mode, the heating works as expected. But if you include another, there is a boil. How to solved my problems?

You are probably stuck on a three-way valve. Check it out

And when an attempt is made to start the gas boiler biasi on the burner, a flame is not seen. At the same time, the display shows an E01 error. What does this mean, and how to repair my tail?

This error indicates that you do not have a flame at startup. Mostly, such a problems occurs when there is no gas in the combustion zone, it is also possible that the ignition electrode fails. There is still a need to pay attention to the integrity of the cable going to the electrode. Ensure that the gas shut-off valve is open. Then press the “Reset” button.

It seems that the Biasi Rinnova 24 double-circuit boiler is programmed incorrectly, because its operation is unstable. Tell me, how can I finish this?

You should conduct device diagnostics, especially focus on automation. Check how the main working nodes operate in different modes. You may need to replace the filter.

The following problems has arisen on the Biassi gas boiler: the flame continuously disappears, while the display shows an error indicating a problems with the burner. Also, the unit does not maintain constant pressure, we top up every day. What can be done with this?

You need to diagnose the device to find out the cause of the failure. Also pay attention to the expansion tank. Ensure that there are no cracks in the heating system and the connections are tight. Check the heat exreplacer for holes. All of this will help establish the location where the coolant flows. After this, the burner must be adjusted again.
When the gas boiler Biasi Binova is on, a fan is started, but ignition does not go. I suspect that a fuse ignited somewhere. How can I find it?

If you have correctly described the nature of the problems, it is not a security feature. Although, if you make sure that they are working, it will not be worse. Your problems is most likely related to the breakdown of the minimum water flow sensor, and the traction relay may be faulty.

Recently, the boiler has been extinguished very often. So it was until today, when it simply did not start. And red lights burn on it. Despite the fact that the gas tank is not full, the gas is present in it. I checked it by turning on the gas stove. What can break?

Since the unit is running on liquefied gas, it is very important for you to ensure that the fuel supply pressure is not lower than recommended. The gas cooker requires very little pressure to operate, so it is not an indicator. If the gas is supplied with insufficient pressure, the sensors do not see the flame, and the burner is switched off. You should fill the gashboard, and only then start the boiler in operation. I think this will solved your problems.

I have a bi-loop boiler Biasi Rinova. The last time, every two days, you have to pump the pressure, as it falls below the minimum allowed. I went to the service department, but they advised me to look for a place where depressurization took place. I inspected everything, but found no leakage. What should I do?

You should check the expansion tank. When there is no pressure in the heating system, it should be 0.8–1.0 bar. To check, you should disconnect the device from the system and discard the water. After this, you can pump the expansion tank. It should also be ensured that the safety valve is faulty. Go through all the connections, and there, where they get wet, replace the gaskets.

The following problems occurred on the Boisey Delta, my wall mounted boiler. When I turn it on (it doesn’t matter in what mode: heating or NTC), the circulation pump starts, then the air intake fan starts working. And then everything stops. Everything repeats after a while, and so on the cycle. He sometimes lights up, but now he doesn’t. However, it does not show any errors. How can I fix this defect?

You should examine the manostat, and how to cleanse its tubes.

Piza Bayesi does not work on Culdron. Is it a programmer or a coil?

You need a coil to get the voltage according to the wiring diagram.

Biasi model. Shortly after start-up, it stops the burner and an error E05 appears on the display. I checked the chimney, it is not contaminated. Tell me, how can I end the breakdown?

You should Installationl a new pressure switch.

The hot water supply in the gas boiler in Biasi delta does not work. When the null is opened, the device does not show an error, but it also does not work. I checked the performance in two modes: summer and winter – there is no difference. I tried to configure it using the main controller, but it didn’t work. I tried to open the plug in the socket, because I felt that the problem was in phase. But all of this was to no avail. In addition to the above, the unit still occasionally displays error E03. Its decoding is not in the manual. But the error is removed after a while. What should I do?

You should Installationl a new hot water sensor. Also you can improve it. Most likely a malfunction in its electrical part. After disassembling the sensor, you will see that there is a float inside, which moves when water flows through the device. It is the one that signals the device through the hall sensor. Try to clean it. Be careful when Installationling it back, and do not confuse the side.

A constant error appears on the gas boiler Renova. I can’t find the meaning of this. how to be?

You should replace the sensor NTC heating.

I plan to Installationl a room thermostat on my Biasi boiler. Please recommend the model.

You should pay attention to sensors that only work on short circuits and open the circuit. But when setting, pay attention to the specifics. When the thermostat is open, heating is activated. When the thermostat shuts down, the unit shuts down.

The two-circuit Delta 24 boiler starts operating on heating mode by itself, without any order, although at the moment it must operate on NTC. Occasionally, he also begins to work himself out of “stagnation” mode. I tried to find a temperature sensor located at the entrance of the device, but it did not work. Although it seems to me that the problem is not in it. Is it like that?

Perhaps the sensor still has a problem. He can give a command to the unit for self-defrosting.

Broken Wall Pot Biasci Binova. A few years ago it started as normal, but after heating up to the prescribed temperature, an error E07 appeared. However, this did not stop him from working as expected. After the coolant cooled, the error itself was ruled out. Yesterday I ran it again, and error 07 burned almost immediately. But the device started working. But I cannot watch at the set temperature, or affect it in any way. Read all the instructions carefully, but no errors were found with this number. Let me know if replacement of hot water temperature sensor can solve my problem. And another question, sensors for a type of heating and hot water supply? Can i change them

Yes, these sensors are interchangeable.



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