Blanco Dishwasher Errors Codes| Troubleshooting

Blanco Dishwasher Errors Codes| Troubleshooting

Blanco Dishwasher Errors Codes| Troubleshooting


If one of the program monitor indicators is lit and the on / off indicator lights up / on, the door of your machine is open, close the door
If the program does not start
• Check if the plug is plugged in.
• Check the internal fuses.
• Make sure that the water tap is turned on or not.
• Make sure you close the machine door.
• Make sure you turn off the machine by pressing the power on / off button.
• Make sure that the water supply filter and machine filters are not clogged.
If the indicator lights do not turn off after the wash operation
Check if the power on / off button is released
If detergent residues are left in the detergent compartment, the detergent is added when the detergent is wet.
If water is left inside the machine at the end of the programs
• water drain hose is clogged or twist.
• The filters are clogged.
• The program is not finished yet.
If the machine stops during the washing operation. Power failure.
• Water supply failure.
• The program can be in the standby mode.
If shaking and impact noises are heard during washing
• The rooms are not properly placed.
• Spray the splash guard.
If there are partial food waste on the dishes
• Spoons placed in the machine, the sprayed water does not fall into the appropriate places.
• The shopping cart is too busy.
• The dishes lean against each other.
• Very little detergent has been added.
• An unsuitable, rather weak washing program is selected.
• A sprayer clogged with food waste.
• The filters are clogged.
• The filters are not installed correctly.
• The water pump is blocked.
If there are whitish stains on the dishes
• Very little detergent is used.
• Set the rinse aid dosage at a very low level.



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