Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes

Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes

Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes

Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes Fault code Eeeor code interpretation Probable dishwasher malfunction

E1 Heating fault

Most often this is a malfunction of the heater – there is no resistance or leakage to the housing.

The element on the electronic module responsible for the operation of the heater is defective.

Check the safety thermostat.

Check flow sensor.

Check the pressure switch (water level sensor).

E2 NTC sensor fault (temperature sensor) The NTC sensor is faulty, which feeds information to the PM control unit. It is usually located in a block with a TEN, has a certain resistance (? 55kΩ at 21 ° C).

E3 Problems with filling with water If the desired water level has not been reached for a certain amount of time. Depending on the model of the dishwasher (PM), the sequence of operations will be different. Either the PM will wait until the filling is carried out (earlier models), or the water will drain for one minute (later models).

The hose “Aquastop” is defective.

The drainage pump is defective.

Check the intake valve.

Intake filter clogging.

Defective pressostat.

E4 Problems with the flow switch The water flow switch is not in the set position. It is responsible for the distribution of water in the sprinkler and is installed under the heating element.

Switch clogging.

A fault in the motor that acts on the flow switch and places it in one position or another.

E5 Filling level exceeded

The pressostat tube is clogged.

Defective pressostat (water level switch).

Invalid inlet valve.

E6 Aquasensor Fault Aquasensor is an element that controls turbidity, stiffness, and water contamination during rinsing at the initial stage. In the event that the dishes are dirty not much, it allows to exclude rinsing, saves water and electricity. Is next to TEN.

E8 Low water level in the pan The heating element does not turn on. The circulation pump does not have enough water pressure and a pulse is applied to the module. Check the pressure of the water. It is also possible цater self-supply.

E9 Heating element fault Most often occurs in dishwashers with a flow heater, which is integrated in the circulation pump, when the heater is broken. Check the heater for an open.

E11 PMM operates without a heater. Check the NTC sensor, electronic module, power wires.

E14 Flow sensor fault The flow sensor does not detect the control pulses, but they flow to the circulation pump.

E15 AQUASTOP water has been activated. A water leak has occurred. Check the water in the pan. The reasons for the leakage may be different.

E16 Unauthorized water set Check the  flow sensor. Check the level sensor. One of the possible options is increase foaming.

E17 Water Failure Fault Check the flow sensor. It is also possible that the inlet pressure is too high.

E18 Do not turn off the power. The program will end after draining the water.

E21 Problems with the drain pump The drain pump is blocked. Check the impeller for any foreign object. If there is no clog, the pump is likely to be worn and may sometimes jam during rotation – it must be replaced.

E24 Water draining fault The hose for draining dirty water is clamped or broken.

E27 Undervoltage in the network Check the voltage at the outlet. The fault often appears during peak hours on urban power networks, for example in the evening. As an option – put the voltage regulator.(Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes)



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