Carrier Air Conditioner Error Codes

Carrier Air Conditioner Error Codes

Carrier Air Conditioning Error Code

EO-(OL 1 Time)Indoor unit EEPROM parameter error.

E1-(OL 2 Time)Indoor / outdoor units communication error.

E3-(OL 4 Time)The speed of the indoor fan has gone out of control.

E4-(OL 5 Time)Indoor room temperature sensor T1 open circuit or short circuit.

E5-(OL 6 Time)Evaporator coil temperature sensor T2 open circuit or short circuit.

EC-(OL 7 Time) Refrigerant leak detection.

F1-(OL 2 Time,TL on)Outdoor ambient temperature sensor T4 open circuit or short

F2-(OL 3 Time TL on)circuit. Condenser coil temperature sensor T3 open circuit or short circuit.

F3-(OL 4 Time,TL on)  Compressor discharge temperature sensor T5 open circuit or short circuit.

F4-(OL 5 Time,TL on)Outdoor unit EEPROM parameter error.

F5-(OL 6 Time,TL on)The speed of the outdoor fan is out of control.

P0-(OL 1 Time,TL flash)Strong current protection over IPM malfunction or IGBT.

P1-(OL 2 Time,TL flash)Over voltage or low voltage protection.

P2-(OL 3 Time,TL flash)High temperature protection of compressor top diagnostics and solutions.

P4-(OL 4 Time,TL flash)Inverter compressor drive error.

F8-(OLF 9 Time)Compressor Suction Temperature sensor defective.

L3-(OLF 33 Time)Drive Phase current overload defective.

L4-(OLF 34 Time)Phase Current Sampling defective.

FO-(OLF 13 Time)Outdoor AC Current protection.

L1-(OLF 31 Time)Drive bus voltage overload protection.

L2-(OLF 32 Time)Drive bus voltage overlow protection.

P5-(OLF 14 time)Compressor phase current protection.

P6-(OLF 16 Time)Outdoor over high/over-low DC voltage protection.

P7-(OLF 17 Time)IPM Temperature over heat protection.

P8-(OLF 18 Time)Compressor discharge Temperature overheat protection.

P9-(OLF 19 Time)Cooling indoor Unit anti-freezing protection.

PU-(OLF 20 Time)Cooling Outdoor Coil over heat protection.

PE-(OLF 21 Time)Heating inddoor  Coil over heat protection.

PC-(OLF 22 Time)Cooling outdoor ambient Temperature over-low protection.

PH-(OLF 23 Time)Heating outdoor ambient Temperature over-high protection.

E2-(OLF 27 Time)Zero crossing signal detection error.

OLF(Outdoor LED Flash) ,OL (Operation Lamp ,TL(Timer Lamp)

How to Reset a Carrier Air Conditioner

1.-Locate the “Reset” button on the control panel of the air conditioner. 
2.-Hold the “Reset” button for 3 seconds and then release. 
3.-Press and hold the “Reset” button for another 3 seconds – this time there should be a light flash on the display.
4.-Wait a few moments while the unit resets.

Carrier Cassette A/C Error Codes

Carrier fault code and troubleshooting
Carrier Air Conditioning Error Code Once the failure occurs with the indoor unit in operation, the green unit LED flashes at intervals of 0.5 seconds. Fault code is subtracted from the number of green LED flash, blocking unit operation. Between one flash cycle and the next one, a pause of 5 seconds ends.

Error code With description

3  Room Air Sensor Fault

2  Condensate Discharge Pump

4  indoor unit coil sensor fault

dirty filter

7  outdoor unit failure

10 corrupt EEPROM

11 card serial number damaged

12 address / field incomplete

13 gas flow distributor corrupted

14 outdoor air thermistors

Air conditioner will not start:
1 The main switch is off, keep the switch in the ON position.
2 Fuses are burned on the main switch; Change fuses. (This operation should be performed only by qualified personnel).
3 Wait for 3 minutes: Protection against continuous compressor cycle is on.
4 Higher selected temperature exceeds room temperature (or lower in heating mode).

The unit emits unpleasant odor:
Unpleasant odors may accumulate on the air filter and then become scattered throughout the room during the air conditioner operation. Turn off the unit and contact an authorized service center to clean the filter. Restart the unit in ventilation (fan only) mode and open the windows to change room air.

The unit makes strange noises:
Sometimes the unit makes strange noises at start-up, during operation or when it shuts down. These are usually due to the effect of temperature changes on plastic parts.

The air conditioner is not supplying sufficient cooling (or heating):
1 Air cannot circulate freely.
2 Ty dirty filter reduces the amount of air.
3 Personnel filters should be cleaned by skilled personnel only.
4 Or doors and / or windows open.
5 ‘Fan speed is set to’ low ‘.
6 The direction of air flow is not correct for optimal ventilation.
7 Not the selected temperature is incorrect.

Shining P (Green LED) indicator:
system malfunction. Contact service organization after ensuring:
1 Air circulation is not interrupted.
2 The coil of the external unit is not obstructed and causes severe lack of air circulation.
3 Condensate drainage tube is not obstructed.
As Fault Code to be reported after sale

Q (red LED) indicator is illuminated:
In heating mode, the LED switches to indicate an active defrost condition.

Carrier Air Conditioner Error Codes

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