Cheap Business Web Hosting and Templates

Cheap Business Web Hosting

Cheap Business Web Hosting Time has changed. There is no reason that it should cost an arm and a leg to launch your own website. You can definitely ask someone to design a website for you, but our suggestions below are some of the cheapest website builders that may be a better option for you.

Cheap Business Web Hosting
Cheap Business Web Hosting

Cheap Business Web Hosting,Cheap Business Web Hosting

Cheap Business Web Hosting (Detail Cheapest Website Builders)
The following tools will allow you to create a low cost website. You can use these to create websites for SMEs, businesses, or even personal projects.
The most popular website platform worldwide is, without doubt, WordPress. It is estimated that 35% of all websites run on it. This is mainly thanks to the free open-source version, The downside is that it is not free at all, as you will need to host your website elsewhere. That’s why we talk about here, which makes all of this a lot easier: Web hosting, and a domain name for the first year, are included, and as you’ll see, at a much lower price.
Starting at $ 4 / month on an individual plan. It includes a nice 6GB of web storage and unlimited pages! The only minor downside is the advertisement: “Powered by” is displayed. However, you can customize it, so it only says “” or can only show the WP logo, which is very small. See an example here (far below). You will also have about 100 free templates and personal support available.
• Personal: $ 4 a month
• Premium: $ 8 a month
• Business: $ 25 per month
• eCommerce: $ 45 per month
Additional discount is available if you pay in advance for the first 2 years.
If you want to build a website on a limited budget, there is no website builder cheaper than If your website is 5 pages or less, prices start at $ 2.45 per month. However, if you need more than 5 pages, you will have to pay $ 7.44 per month, which is not so cheap. It is good to note that other solutions offer more comprehensive packages (such as Wix or Weebly). The good news is that on top of the website builder, these packages include hosting, allowing you to integrate WordPress or similar content managers. For more information, see our review.
• Starter: $ 2.45 per month
• Premium: $ 7.44 per month
• WebShop: $ 12.45 a month

Weebly is also easy to use and offers a wide range of high quality templates that automatically adapt to all devices (such as tablets and smartphones). What I love about it is that its blog is very flexible, with super useful features for bloggers like tags, categories, post scheduling and more. For more information, read our webly review.
• Personal: $ 6 a month
• Professional: $ 12 a month
• Performance: $ 26 a month

Their designs are very quiet, they look very modern and differ slightly from most competitors. ‘However, we like to see more templates. To create a website or online store, Ucraft has a landing page builder facility. A great way to gather email signups and the one that is best is that you can connect a domain name that you already have available for free. If you are planning to build a more complex website, then you need to upgrade the Pro Website plan which starts at $ 10 per month.
• Pro website: $ 10 a month
• Pro Shop: $ 21 per month

Even though webnode lacks many features that come with other website builders (eg e-commerce), you can easily create a multilingual website. It is an easy-to-use solution with modern website design that is automatically optimized for mobile devices. For more information, see our webnode review.
If you are looking for a low cost solution, both limited and mini plans are quite attractive. Limited still shows small webnode footer ads but lets you connect a domain name. Mini does not show advertisements and includes a free domain name for 1 year. This is a great plan for a small personal or professional website.
• Limited: $ 3.95 a month
• Mini: $ 5.95 a month
• Standard: $ 11.95 per month
• Pro: $ 19.95 a month
Find more information about WebNode pricing plans here.

Any inexpensive website builder combines design and ease of use like Wix. Its system is so flexible, you can move elements as you like. In addition, it has useful tools for freelancers and businesses that can make your day to day easier (such as Wix Hotels, Wix Restaurants or Wix Booking). However, one disadvantage is that if you want to change the template, you have to start from scratch.
• Connected domains: $ 5 a month (unfortunately not available in the US)
• Combo: $ 13 a month
• Unlimited: $ 17 a month
• Business Basic: $ 23 per month
• VIP: $ 39 per month
After Wix changed its premium tier and raised prices some time ago, it is not really a cheap website builder. Especially in the US, where a low-cost connected domain plan is not available. You will opt for Wix for its quality and convenience bandwidth rather than its cost.

Jimdo is cheaper than other website builders like Weilly, but we have to say that there are limits to what you can do with it. For example, its online store is slightly more limited, as you do not have the option to import or export products, and do not have an App Store to add additional features. You can read more about this in our Jimdo review.
• Pro: $ 10 a month
• Business: $ 20 per month

HostGator, a hosting giant, launched its Gator website builder in early 2019. He has an impressive collection of Swaini mobile-friendly templates (over 200). These are classified by niche, so it should be easy to find one that meets your needs. Gator Editor is as flexible as Wix, and comes with a few pre-built blocks (such as meeting the team), which can simplify the design of your site.
Many times, you come across some limitations because it is still a young product. For example, it is not possible to schedule a blog post, and it does not contain post categories – it only comes with tags.
• Starter: $ 9.22 a month
• Premium: $ 12.29 a month
• eCommerce: $ 19.98 a month
The Gator website builder offers large discounts during the first year.

DreamHost Website Builder for WordPress
Dreamhost is one of my top 3 favorite hosting providers. They are fast, reliable and their support is favorable – so 1.5 million websites are hosted on Dreamhost. All of their hosting plans offer a website builder for WordPress (BoldGrid) that makes creation and management easy.
It comes with over 200 modern-looking templates to choose from. Several building blocks are available, such as text, images, sliders, buttons, videos, maps, and forms. Their editor makes it possible to customize different styling options (such as padding, borders, background images, or shadows). This is a solid alternative to starting cheap, if you don’t mind using WordPress (a more technical platform).
Shared Starter: $ 3.95 a month (1 website)
• Share Unlimited: $ 9.95 a month (unlimited website)

Note: Keep in mind that if you sign up for 3 years, you get even less. For example, a shared starter plan is $ 2.59 a month and unlimited $ 3.95 a month.

Many of the tools we mention allow you to create online stores. But if you are serious about e-commerce and do not want to use complex platforms like Magento or Vucom, then Shopify is your best option. It is not the cheapest online store builder, but it is the strongest one. See our Shopify review for more information.
• Original: $ 26 per month
• Shopify: $ 71 a month
• Advanced: $ 266 per month
> Try Shopify for free

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