Daikin Error Solution | AC ERROR CODES

Daikin Error Solution | DAIKIN AC ERROR CODES

Daikin Error Solution IN DOOR UNIT

A0 -External Security Device Active
A1 -indoor unit pcb malfunction
A2 ————————————————- –
A3 -Drain Level Control System
A4 -old protection malfunction
A5 -high pressure control in heating, freeze-up safety control in cooling
A6 -fan motor malfunction
A7 -swing flap motor malfunction
A8 -power supply or AC input malfunction
A9 -electronic expansion valve malfunction
AC -shut down due to low water level
AA Heater Overheat
AE -Low Water Levels • No Water Supply
AF-Air force malfunction of an humidification system
AH-malfunction of air cleaner dust collector
AJ-Capacity Setting (Indoor Unit PCB)

C0-sensor system malfunction (integrated)
C1-transmission failure (between indoor unit PCB and sub PCB)
C2 ——-
C3-drain level sensor malfunction
C4-liquid pipe thermistor malfunction for heat exchanger
C5-Malfunction of gas pipe thermistor for heat exchanger
C6-fan motor sensor or fan control driver malfunction
C7-Front Panel Driving Motor Fault
C8-AC input current sensor system malfunction
C9-Malfunction Suction Air Thermistor
Ca-Malfunction of Discharge Air Thermistor
CC-Malfunction of humidity sensor system
CE-malfunction of switch box thermistor
CF-Malfunction of high pressure switch
CH ——–
CJ-room temperature thermistor in remote controller abnormality

Daikin Error Solution OUT DOOR UNIT

E0-Protective Equipment Active (Integrated)
E1-faulty outdoor unit PCB
E2-missing earth leak detection core
E3-activation of high pressure switches (HPS)
E4-Low Pressure Switch Activation (LPS)
E5-inverter compressor motor or overheat
E6-STD Compressor Motor Overcrack / Lock
E7-outdoor unit fan motor system malfunction
E8-inverter compressor
E9-electronic expansion valve coil malfunction
EA malfunction of four way valve or cool / heat switchin
EC-malfunction entering water temperature
EE-drainage fault
EFmalfunction of thermal storage unit
EH-malfunction of cooling water pump
EJ-activation of option protection device

F0 ——-
F 1 ——-
F2 ——-
F3-discharge pipe temperature malfunction
F4-weight alarm
F5 ——
F6 – Abnormal high pressure or refrigerant overcharge
F7 ——
F8 —–
F9 ——
FA-abnormal high pressure acting of HPS
FC ——
Fe-abnormal oil pressure
FF – abnormal oil level or oil deficiency
FH-abnormal refrigerant oil high temperature
FJ-abnormal exhaust temperature of engine


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