Daitsu AC Error Codes | Troubleshooting

Daitsu AC Error Codes | Troubleshooting

Daitsu AC Error Codes | Troubleshooting
Daitsu AC Error Codes | Troubleshooting


Digital LED Code Failure Type-LED Code-Function Indicator (flash)

E0 Indoor and outdoor communication failure. Runn, timer – both eyelids.

EC outdoor communication failure. Runner Timer – Both blinked.

E1 Indoor room temperature sensor (IRT). RUN-1 time / 8s.

E2 Indoor Coil Temperature Sensor (IPT). RUN-2 bar / 8 s.

E3 Outdoor Coil Temperature Sensor (OPT). RUN-3 bar / 8 s.

E4 Abnormality of system. RUN-4 bar / 8 s.

E5 The model configuration is incorrect. RUN-5 bar / 8 s.

E6 indoor fan motor fault. RUN-6 bar / 8 s.

E7 Outdoor Temperature Sensor. RUN-7 bar / 8 s.

E8 Exit Temp. Sensor. RUN-8 bar / 8 s.

E9 IPM drive and module fault. RUN-9 bar / 8 s.

EF outdoor fan motor fault (DC motor). RUN-10 bar / 8s.

EA Current Sensor Fault. RUN-11 bar / 8 s.

EE Indoor unit EEPROM fault. RUN-12 bar / 8 s.

EP Temp. Switch fault (on top of compressor). RUN-13 bar / 8 s.

EU voltage sensor fault. RUN-14 BAR / 8S.

P1 Overvoltage / Low Voltage Protection. Race: eyelid; Time: 1 eyelid / 8 seconds.

P2 overcrack protection. Race: eyelid; Time: 2 eyelids / 8 seconds.

P4 Exhaust at temperature protection. Race: eyelid; Time: 4 wink / 8 seconds.

Very good protection in P5 cooling mode. Race: Bright; Time: 5 wink / 8 seconds.

P6 Overheat Protection in Cooling Mode. Race: Bright; Time: 6 eyelid / 8 seconds.

P7 overheat protection in heating mode. Race: Bright; Time: 7 eyelid / 8 seconds.

P8 Outdoor Temperature / Low Temperature Protection. Race: Bright; Time: 8 wink / 8 seconds.

P9 Drive Security (Software Control). Race: eyelid; Time: 9 eyelid / 8 seconds.

P0 Module Security (Hardware Control). Race: eyelid; Time: 10 wink / 8 seconds.

C5 connector jumper malfunction. Check if the connector jumper contacts properly. If the PCB is replaced, please remove the old one for the new PCB.

H6 PC motor (indoor fan) cannot run. The feedback terminal of the PG motor is not firmly connected. The control end of the PG motor is not firmly connected

Zero cross detection circuit malfunction for U8 PG motor (indoor fan). The control panel is damaged.

Daitsu AC Error Codes | Troubleshooting
Daitsu AC Error Codes | Troubleshooting

Outdoor failure display
There is an LED on the outdoor power board, it blinks 1s ON and 1s OFF on compressor standby and it is always (ON) light when running the compressor; If a failure occurs in the ODU, the indicator (LED) alerts the fault in a cycle in such a way that it is bright for 0.5 seconds, dark for 0.5 seconds, blinks an “N” bar and then 3 seconds. It is dark. For details as given in the table below:
Display on outdoor power source board:

blink time (n) failure

01Time Blink
failure:-ipm security

02Time Blink
failure:-over voltage / low voltage

03 Time Blink

04 Time Blink
failure:-exhaust over temperature protection

05 Time Blink
failure:-outdoor coil over temperature protection

06 Time Blink
failure:-drive faults and protection (V1ˈVP1)

07 Time Blink
failure:-communication faults with indoor unit

08 Time Blink
failure:-compressor overheat (compressor top switch)

09 Time Blink
failure:-short-circuit / open-circuit faults of outdoor temperature sensors

10 Time Blink
failure:-short circuit / open-circuit fault off outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor

11 Time Blink
failure:-short-circuit / open-circuit fault of exhaust temperature sensor

12 Time Blink
failure:-volt sensor malfunction

13 Time Blink
failure:-current sensor fault

14 Time Blink
failure:-ipm fault

15 Time Blink
failure:-communication faults between power source board and IPM

16 Time Blink
failure:-No response from DC fan motor (external unit)

17 Time Blink
failure:-defrost state Daitsu

Daitsu AC Error Codes & Troubleshooting

Please check the items below before asking for maintenance. If the malfunction still cannot be eliminated, please contact the local dealer or qualified professionals.

Trouble:-The indoor unit cannot receive the remote controller’s signal or the remote controller has no action.


01. Is it severely interfered (eg static electricity, constant voltage)? Pull the plug out. Reinsert the plug after about 3 minutes, and then turn the unit on again.
02. Is the remote controller within the signal receiving range? The signal receiving range is 8 m.
03. Even if there are obstacles? remove obstacles.
04. Is the remote controller pointing to the receive window? Select the appropriate angle and point the remote controller at the receive window on the indoor unit.
05. The remote controller has low sensitivity; Fuzzy performance and no performance? Check the battery. If the battery power is too low, please replace them.
06. No display when operating remote controller? Check if the remote controller appears to be damaged. If yes, change it.
07. Fluorescent lamp in the room? Move the remote controller closer to the indoor unit. Turn off the fluorescent lamp and then try it again.

Trouble:-No air escaped from indoor unit


01. Is the air inlet or air outlet of the indoor unit blocked? remove obstacles.
02. Under heating mode, the temperature is reached to set the indoor temperature? After reaching to determine the temperature, the indoor unit will stop blowing air.
03. Is the heating mode still on? To prevent cold air flowing, the indoor unit will be started after a delay of several minutes, which is a common occurrence.

Trouble:-Air conditioner cannot operate


01. power failure? Wait for the power to recover.
02. Is the plug loose? Re-install the plug.
03. Air switch trip off or fuse burned? Ask a professional to replace the air switch or fuse.
04. Wiring defect? Ask a professional to replace it.
05. Has the unit resumed immediately after stopping operation? Wait for 3 minutes, and then turn the unit on again.
06. Is the function setting for the remote controller correct? Reset the function.

Trouble:-The mist is emitted from the air outlet of the indoor unit
Solution:-Is the indoor temperature and humidity high? Because indoor air is rapidly cooled. After a while, the indoor temperature and humidity will decrease and the mist will disappear.

Trouble:- Smells are emitted
Solution:-Whether the odor source, such as furniture and cigarettes etc., removes the odor source. Clean the filter.

Trouble:-Air conditioner normally operates suddenly
Solution:-Whether there is interference such as thunder, wireless devices, etc., disconnect the power, put the power back on, and then turn the unit on again.

Trouble:-Outdoor unit contains steam
Solution:-Heating mode is on? During defrosting under heating mode, it can produce vapor, which is a common phenomenon.

Trouble:-“Water is flowing” noise
Solution:-Is the air conditioner currently on or off? Noise is the sound of refrigerant flowing inside the unit, which is a common phenomenon.

Trouble:-cracking noise
Solution:-Is the air conditioner currently on or off? It is the sound of friction due to expansion and / or contraction of the panel or other parts due to temperature changes.

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