Danby Portable AC Error Codes | Troubleshooting

Danby Portable AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Danby Portable AC Error Codes Occasionally, a problem may arise that is minor in nature, and a service call may not be necessary. Use this troubleshooting guide for possible solutions.

Danby Portable AC Error Codes
Danby Portable AC Error Codes

Danby portable AC error code and troubleshooting

Error code problem

E1 error with coil temperature sensor.

E2 error with indoor temperature sensor.

E4 Frost Protection: The coil temperature is very low and the A / C shuts down to prevent excess frost formation. When the temperature rises to 8 ° C (46.4 ° F), the protective setting is released and the previous setting is applied.

Ft Tank is full – connect drain hose and remove collected water. If the error repeats, call for service.

P1 bottom tray is full – connect the drain hose and drain the collected water. If the error repeats, call for service.

Lt Low temperature. The unit will defrost. Once defrosting is complete the device will restart

PF check failure, call for service

Danby portable air conditioner troubleshooting

Danby Portable AC Error Codes
Danby Portable AC Error Codes

Danby portable air conditioner troubleshooting

Issue: The unit does not start when the button is turned on / off

Possible reasons:

  1. P1 appears in the display window
  2. The room temperature is lower than the set temperature. (Cooling mode)


  1. Pour water into the bottom tray.
  2. Reset temperature.

Issue: not cold enough

Possible reasons:

  1. Do not close windows or doors in the room.
  2. There are sources of heat inside the room.
  3. The exhaust air duct is not connected or blocked.
  4. Temperature setting is too high.
  5. Air filter is blocked by dust.


  1. Ensure that all windows and doors are closed.
  2. Remove heat sources if possible.
  3. Connect the duct and make sure it can work properly.
  4. Decrease the set temperature.
  5. Clean the air filter.

Issue: Noise or Vibration

Possible reasons:: The ground is not flat or flat.

Solution: If possible, place the unit on a flat, flat ground.

Issue: Sound thunder

Possible reasons: The sound comes from the chill flowing inside the air conditioner

Solution: This is normal

Issue: Power off on heating mode

Possible reasons: Automatic on heat protection function. When the temperature at the air outlet exceeds 70 ° C / 158 ° F, the device Y will shut down.

Solution: Switch on again after the unit cools down.

Danby Portable AC Remote Control

Danby Portable AC Error Codes
Danby Portable AC Error Codes


Make sure electrical service is adequate for the model you choose. This information can be found on the serial plate, which is located on the side of the cabinet and behind the grille.

  • Make sure the air conditioner is properly set. To minimize shock and fire hazards, proper grounding is important. The power cord is equipped with a three-dimensional grounding plug to protect against shock hazards.
  • Your air conditioner must be used correctly in the ground wall receptacle. If the reception of the wall you are using is not adequately grounded or protected, the time delay is secured by a fuse or circuit breaker, have a qualified electrician install the appropriate reception.
  • Ensure that the unit is accessible after installation.

Danby Portable Air Conditioner Parts

Danby Portable AC Error Codes
Danby Portable AC Error Codes

How to fix P1 error?

When the water level of the lower tray reaches a predetermined level, the unit beeps 8 times, the digital display area showing P1. At this time the air conditioning / dehumidification process will stop immediately. However, the fan motor will continue to operate (this is normal). Carefully move the unit to a drain location, remove the bottom drain plug and remove the water drain (Fig.24). Restart the machine until the P1 symbol disappears. If the error repeats, call for service.

During dehumidifying mode, remove the drain plug from the back of the unit, install the drain connector (5/8 ”universal female connector) with 3/4” hose (purchased locally). For models without a drain connector, simply attach the drain hose to the hole. Place the open end of the tube directly on the drain area in your basement. Please refer to Fig.22 and 23.

Note: When operating or water drain always protects the carpet or floor from possible water leakage.

Danby portable air conditioner water drainage

Danby Portable AC Error Codes
Danby Portable AC Error Codes

Air filter

Clean the air filter at least once every two weeks to prevent inferior fan operation due to dust.

Removal: This unit has three filters. Move the upper filter out along the arrow direction (Fig.25), then move the filter down. Remove the lower filter and side filter by loosening the screws, ejecting the filter as shown in fig. 25.

Cleaning: Wash the air filter by gently submerging it in warm water (about 40 ° C / 104 ° F) with a neutral detergent. Rub the filter and dry it in a shady place.

Mounting: Install the upper air filter after cleaning, then insert the side filter into the unit and install the lower filter using screws (see Fig.26).

Danby Portable Air Conditioner Control Panel

Danby Portable AC Error Codes
Danby Portable AC Error Codes

How to Install your Danby Portable Air Conditioner

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