Dishwasher Not Dissolving Tablet | How to Fix?

How To Fix A Dishwasher That Isn’t Dissolving Detergent Or Tablets

(PROBLEM) Dishwasher Not Dissolving Tablet | How to Fix? I just moved into a new apartment. The dishwasher is running normal but when it completes the wash cycle, my dishes are not clean and the detergent tablet is still there. Dishwasher is not dissolving the tablet. Maybe a little but its still about 80%. I believe it gets hot water and runs normally. Apartment management told to use dishwasher cleaning tablets, not powdered soap. What can I do to try and get the tablet to dissolve? Any help you can provide would be great!

Dishwasher Not Dissolving Tablet
Dishwasher Not Dissolving Tablet

Answer: If your dishwasher’s hot water temperature is below 110F/115F, it may not be hot enough to dissolve some brands of detergent tablets. Make sure the water is hot before running the dishwasher. Run hot water in the sink until it becomes very hot, then run the dishwasher immediately. Run the dishwasher on the longest, hottest cycle it has.

Also check that the spring opening action of the detergent dispenser door is working properly. If the detergent dispenser is too small, a large detergent tablet may not allow it to open properly. It can jam the door. If so try using a liquid or gel dish washing detergent. There are many high quality liquid and gel dishwasher detergents on the market today. Liquid Cascade looks the best so give it a try. A powdered detergent will also work. Also use a rinsing aid as this will help remove the spots, even if the tablet is not dissolving properly.

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dishwasher not dissolving tablet 

If you live in an apartment, then most likely you do not have a high-quality dishwasher. Knowing this, the dishwasher needs all the help it needs with hot water as possible. You also need to make sure your dishwasher is clean at the bottom (removable strainer filter) where the pump and bottom washer arm are located. Make sure it is clean and has warm water in it and this will be the best way to dissolve the tablets. If you use bullets, you can break them in half in the sink first. Place them in the dispenser and it will be easier to dissolve with hot water because the tablet is not that big.
You also need to make sure there is enough water for the pump to actually pump. To test this, start the dishwasher. Once you hear it running, open the dishwasher and make sure there is more hot water. If there isn’t much water in the dishwasher, the pump may not be getting enough water. When you open the door while running, check the water level on the bottom of the washer. If there isn’t much water on the bottom, it may not be getting enough water to clean the dishes and dissolve the tablet. Clean the filter at the bottom of the dishwasher to help the pump get the water more efficiently.

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dishwasher not dissolving tablet

If all else fails, you may have an old worn out dishwasher. The pump may be bad. Your water heater may be set to low. Your water heater should be set right around 120F. This will ensure that your dishwasher is getting the correct water temperature to effectively clean utensils and dissolve tablets. If in an apartment, tell management you’re having this problem and they should fix it



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