Refrigerator Is Working Good But Fridge Light Not Working

Refrigerator is Working Good But Fridge Light Not Working

Fridge Light Not Working. The light in my Samsung refrigerator is not working. The fridge is quite new and the light is not on. Has the light bulb actually burned out? What else could cause my refrigerator to stop working?

Fridge Light Not Working
Fridge Light Not Working

Refrigerator light bulb is not working
The light bulb in your refrigerator cannot be burned outside. A new light bulb should remain in the refrigerator for 2 to 5 years. If your new refrigerator does not have a light bulb on, it may be another issue. You Can Also Read Refrigerator Leaking Water On Floor – How To Fix?

TIP: If you have multiple bulbs in your refrigerator and only one bulb is not working, assume that it is lit and replace the bulb with the same type and rating. Refrigerator bulbs are typically a size E26 / A15 bulb and 30W, 40W or 60W depending on the model. If all the bulbs are not working, then assume something else is wrong.You Can Also Read Water Leaking From Fridge

First check these things to see if the bulb is really burnt or something is not right with the fridge…

Have The Refrigerator Doors Been Left Open?
On many Fridge, the lights will turn off after 8 to 10 minutes of being open. If the refrigerator doors were left open, close the refrigerator doors and wait for half an hour before opening the doors. Therefore, if the doors were left open, the lights would not work for some time, so it is not necessary to replace the light bulb (s). Allow the refrigerator some time to cool down so that the sensor starts working again. The refrigerator should resume normal operation after 30 or so.

Have The Refrigerator Doors Been Removed And Reinstalled?
If you have removed the refrigerator doors for repair or cleaning, this may not cause the lights to turn on. Ensure that the doors align properly and the wire harness is securely connected. If the wire harness is not connected, the refrigerator senses that the doors have not closed and the lights will not turn on. Check to make sure the coil is connected and the doors align. The wire harness should be located on the top left refrigerator door. Here is a general picture of wire harness …
Refrigerator door wire harness

Is Sabbath Mode Activated?
Some newer Fridge have a setting called subbath mode. Lights in your fridge will cause that it does not come on mode. Using your refrigerator display panel, go to the Sabbath mode setting and turn it off. To turn off Sabbath mode find your refrigerator manual here.You Can Also Read Refrigerator Is Freezing Everything | What To Check | How To Fix?

About Refrigerator Sabbath Mode
Once activated, the Sabbath mode lasts for 85 hours. It will be deactivated automatically after 85 hours. When the fridge is in Sabbath mode, the buttons, display, and internal lights do not work. Fridge and freezers, however, continue to cool. The controls must be unlocked before Sabbath mode is activated.

How To Activate Sabbath Mode

Hold the door alarm button and water / ice button at the same time for 5 seconds.

How to disable sabbath mode

Press and hold the door alarm button and the water / ice button again at the same time for 5 seconds.You Can Also Read Fridge Temperature setting 1-9 | Cold, Colder, Coldest

TIP: The sensor on some top mount Fridge is in the middle of the door. If the doors are open in the same position, the refrigerator thinks the doors will be closed and the lights will turn off.
More help: the fridge is working but the light bulb is not on

If the above does not apply to your situation, the refrigerator bulb is burned the most. Here is a list of replacement bulbs that will fit your refrigerator and can work light …

Fridge Light Not Working2
Fridge Light Not Working

Light bulb for refrigerator (click image for details)

Note: This troubleshooting article is written for most Samsung Fridge with light on / off

issues. The information on this page may apply to almost all new Fridge. If your refrigerator is a different make or model than the information on this page, there is a link to most refrigerator service manuals to help you troubleshoot problems with your refrigerator.

Light bulb or lamp
Remove the light bulb and see if the filament is broken. Or check it for continuity with multi-meters. When in doubt, try a new bulb.

Light socket
When the bulb is good but the light is still not working, unplug the fridge and check the light socket next. Ensure that the terminals are not damaged or dislodged.

Door light switch

Your fridge knows to turn on the light because the door closes as soon as it opens. This small switch is near the top of the door, inside the fresh food compartment, usually fitted in the plastic liner of the interior. If it is stuck, unplug the fridge and carefully remove part of the liner attached to it. You can perform a continuity check with a multi-meter: Continuity should occur when the switch is up, and no continuity should occur when the switch is down. There should be a spring inside the switch to make it pop open when the door opens. If you don’t have it working like this, it’s time for a new switch

Light Bulbs & Ice Dispensers

If the light is not working on your ice and water machine, you may just need a new bulb. This light is meant to be used only briefly, so if your usage is overpriced, it may be that its components are damaged. Unplug the fridge and check the socket terminals for damage or discoloration, verify the continuity of the on / off switch, and finally, inspect the control plate for damage or wear.

More repair parts
Still not sure which part is broken? If you search with your model number, we can provide you with custom troubleshooting support.

If you have questions related to a refrigerator light bulb or an LED refrigerator light issue, please leave your question in the comments below. Please leave your model number and complete details of your issue for assistance.

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