Gree AC Error Troubleshooting E5 Error Code

If you facing an Gree AC Error E5 Error in your Gree air conditioner it totally means that the compressor getting overload. When we start the air conditioner, the Overload Protection Switch will turn off all the load except the 4way valve if the current is abnormal.

E5 Error Code
E5 Error Code

In this situation, Overload Protection Switch immediately gives the signal to the Main PCB for compressor overload so E5 Error appears in the display. 


  • The compressor will automatically be restarted after 3minutes if the abnormal current eliminated.
  • May be E5 Error will appear again and again in the display because of the abnormal current. If it detects 3 times in just 30 minutes, the unit will not be recovered. Turn it On/Off so you can use the unit.
  • The unit will be work if the problem would be solved. E5 Error will appear again on the remote if the problem is the same. 


Gree AC Gree AC Error E5 Error Code Troubleshooting

Here we are going to tell you how you can find out the reason for the Gree AC Error E5 Error in your gree air conditioners and fixed it out-

  • During facing the Gree AC Error E5 Error problem in the unit, check first your mainline current is normal, abnormal, or over current.
  • Check the compressor connections properly connected or not.
  • You also have to check your Overload Protection Switch for weak or damaged.


See the Flow Chart Below-



I mentioned step by step all the courses and troubleshooting methods above. Also, we are using an image flow chart for your easy connection with the article. If you will try all the steps I am 100% sure that you will solve the issue you facing in the unit.

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