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Hotpoint Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting The Reason Your Hotpoint Freezer Isn’t Freezing 

Hotpoint Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting For a non-technical person, freezers appear to be complex machines capable of decreasing temperatures below the ambient temperature. Thankfully, they operate according to simple principles. In order to repair a Hotpoint freezer, one must typically replace damaged or malfunctioning parts or conduct straightforward troubleshooting.

hotpoint fridge freezer troubleshooting
hotpoint fridge freezer troubleshooting

Typical Causes of Your Hotpoint Freezer Losing the Ability to Freeze

For the following causes, freezers may stop freezing (or provide readouts that give the impression that they have stopped working):

  • Soiled condenser coils
  • Frosted coils
  • An issue with the main control board.
  • A broken thermostat for temperature control.
  • A defective user control board
  • A defective compressor unit
  • A sealed system leak
  • Issues with the start relay
  • Problems with the evaporator motor fan

Each of these issues will be examined in turn, along with suggestions for how to address them.

Soiled Condenser Coils

External and internal condenser coils are available in Hotpoint’s freezers. Given that the unit’s shroud prevents dirt and grime from building up, the inside variety shouldn’t need frequent cleaning. Exterior varieties tend to accumulate dust, which reduces their ability to vent heat and lower interior temperatures. When your freezer coils start to appear dusty, disconnect your equipment and use a duster or cloth to remove any dust. Use a moist sponge and a degreaser to lift the gunk off if they feel greasy or sticky.

Evaporator Coils That Are Frosted

On occasion, the evaporator coils in your freezer may become frosted over. This frequently happens when there is an issue with the defroster heater, a component that keeps ice from accumulating on the coil surface.

Check for continuity by connecting a multimeter to the defroster heater. While the freezer unit is turned on, the unit’s current flow should be constant. Lack of continuity could be a sign that there are issues with other electrical connections, fuses, switches, and wiring in the appliance.
You might need to replace the complete defrost heater unit if continuity turns out to be a problem.

Failure Of The Main Control Board

The main control boards on Hotpoint freezers have all the electronics needed to change settings and temperatures. In accordance with your model, the brand offers a wide variety of alternative boards.

A freezer could stop freezing due to a mainboard fault, but such difficulties are rare. You can try replacing the mainboard with a new one to see if that solves the problem after ruling out everything else on this list.

A Broken Thermostat That Controls Temperature

The condenser, evaporator, and compressor fan motors’ voltage is supplied by the temperature control thermostat, which monitors the freezer’s temperature and modifies it based on what it learns. Thermostats cannot reliably gauge temperatures when they are not working. In order to get the freezer to the necessary temperature, they are unable to send commands to the parts.

Turn the thermostat’s dial from the lowest to the highest position if you think it might be broken. As the rest of the appliance’s components come into operation, Hotpoint models should make a clicking sound.

Take a multimeter and check the thermostat for continuity if you don’t notice any noise coming from the machine or any response from it. It is advisable to replace the thermostat if it lacks continuity.

Compressor Unit That Is Defective

Refrigerant is pumped through the condenser and evaporator coils by compressors, which are merely pumps. Freezers are unable to cool down when they cease operating because heat exchange stops.

On contemporary Hotpoint appliances, compressor failure can happen, but it is uncommon. In many cases, the problem is being caused by additional faulty parts. Check other parts, such as the evaporator and condenser coils, and the evaporator fan motor, before replacing or repairing the compressor.

By connecting your multimeter to the electrical connector pins on either side of the compressor, you may check if those components appear to be functioning properly. The compressor has to be replaced if you notice an open circuit, which indicates that it is likely malfunctioning. (Note: Compressor replacement should only be performed by certified personnel.)

Sealing System Leak

It’s possible that a sealed system leak caused your freezer’s top shelf to freeze but not the others. It is frequently prohibitively expensive to replace a sealed system because it costs more than the freezer itself. Your complete Hotpoint freezer might need to be replaced in this situation.

The Start Relay Is Having Issues

A mechanism that turns the compressor on and off is called a start relay in a freezer. When it malfunctions, it fails to deliver energy to the compressor in the required amounts or at the appropriate times. Therefore, if the compressor breaks down, the freezer won’t cool at all.

Remove your freezer from the power source and disconnect it from the compressor if you believe your start relay is malfunctioning. Use a multimeter to check for continuity between the relay’s two terminals, just as you would with the other electrical parts mentioned above. additionally, smell the appliance. Replace it if you notice a burning odour.

There Are Issues With The Evaporator Motor Fan.

The heat exchange that enables refrigeration depends on evaporator motor fans. Their duty is to move air through the freezer’s coils to remove extra heat.

When you open the door on the majority of Hotpoint models, the evaporator motor fan turns off. If you think there could be an issue with your fan, try depressing the freezer door microswitch, which powers the fan while keeping the door open. If the temperature rises, the freezer should notice it and signal the fan to turn on. You might need to change it if it doesn’t react.

Please be aware that if sensors or internal circuits have failed, readouts on the user display board may not be accurate.

The following Hotpoint freezer models and associated brand goods are covered in this guide:

  1. H5T 811I MX H
  2. DC 85 N1 G
  3. DC 85 N1 W
  4. H3T 811I OX
  5. H3T 811I W
  6. H8 A1E SB UK.1
  7. H8 A1E W UK.1
  8. H9T 921T KS H
  9. H7T 911T KS H
  10. H7T 911T MX H
  11. H7T 911A KS H AQUA
  12. H7T 911A MX H AQUA




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