How To Easily Fix A Pair Of Headphones When The Audio Is Only Coming Out Of One Side | How to fix?

How do you fix headphones with only one ear sound? The most common mistake on a pair of audio headphones is only the sound coming from one ear or side. If you have an expensive pair of earphones, buying them and replacing them is not always the best option. For headphones or earbuds that cost $ 50 dollars and more, most people will choose to fix it themselves.

For many high-end headphones, there is possibly a warranty that can still cover them from faults. Before you try to cut any wires or disassemble the headphones, first contact the manufacturer … At the bottom of this page are links to several headphones companies.

how to fix headphones
how to fix headphones

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There can be several reasons that a pair of headphones extracts audio from only one ear. The most common reason for the sound comes from one side only. The audio jack has wires that have tilted back and forth several times, reducing wiring. To properly fix your headphones, you will need some equipment and materials at your local radio shack or similar electronic store. With the right equipment and materials, you can fix that pair of broken headphones yourself.

Problems with Pairing Wireless Bluetooth Headphones? Read here for how to reset Bluetooth headphones.

Headphones Quick Easy Fix: Many times if you bend or twist the wire on the headphones, the sound will work for a short time. This is a good sign because where the wire is shorted. For a super easy quick fix, simply apply electrical tape to the wire where it was working when you bent it. Keep turning the wire and when you separate the small portion of the wire, add electrical tape to this area, while keeping the wire bent. This will hold the shorted wires together, creating a temporary fix to get the sound out of both ears. Then when you are ready to fix it permanently, read the step by step tutorial below.

Things needed to fix a pair of headphones when the sound is emanating from only one ear piece:

1 – pair of wire strippers

1 -pair of wire cutters

1 – Roll of Masking Tape

1 – Roll of electrical tape

1 – Small sheet of fine grit sandpaper (optional)

1 – Solder gun repair kit (optional)

1 – piece of shrink tubing (optional)

Note: The below headphone repair tutorial has to be done at your own risk. As a final step just follow the below step by step DIY process. This fix and repair process will work with headphones, earbuds, earphones, and any other type of audio headset.

how to fix headphones
how to fix headphones

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Step 1: The first thing to do to fix your headphones yourself is to plug them into an audio source.

Step 2: While the audio is playing and you have headphones, move your hand down and up the wire and try and bend every 1/2 inch where the wires are shortened.

Step 3: Once you hear the sound in the BOTH’s ears, you have found that the wire is not connected properly or is short (usually it will be right next to the headphone jack).

Step 4: Separate the area where the tape is left an inch or so in the middle by applying masking tape to the left and right.

Step 5: Take a wire cutter and carefully cut the shorted area of ​​the wire by cutting an inch on either side of the shorted area of ​​the wire (since you have found a defective spot on the wire where it is shorted, you can now cut the wire By cutting or removing half an inch of the area completely or where you have found the fault wire).

Step 6: With a pair of wire strippers, strip the wire shielding on both sides to expose the wires (it should have 3 different wires, one red, one black or white and one copper but yours may vary ).

Step 7: Once the wire shielding is stripped back, you will strip the exposed wires to reattach them.

Step 8: Strip each wire back using wire strippers. If the wire is super short, you may need to use sandpaper, so that the wires are exposed at the bottom (these wires are colored wires under the cover, red, black or white, and copper wire, The copper (ground) wires will be directly above the copper and there is no wire cover, so you do not need to strip it).

how to fix headphones
how to fix headphones

Step 9: Once the wires are stripped and exposed (add shrink tubing in this step if you are using it) using the method of your choice to wire the wires together (red to red, black From black, etc.) reconnect. You can split them together using any splicing method or using a solder gun.

how to fix headphones
how to fix headphones

Step 10: Test the headphones to make sure that you are now getting sound from each side.

Step 11: Once everything is working properly, use shrink tubing or electrical tape and wrap it over the repaired area of ​​the wire for further protection.

Congratulations, you have fixed your headphones yourself!

If you have a high pair of headphones costing over $ 50, there is a good chance that your broken headphones are still under warranty. Check online for more information as many headphones manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on select audio products.

Links to the most popular headphone manufacturers: Beats, Bose, Clips, Master and Dynamic, Monster, Philips, Senhizer, Skalkendi and Sony.

Is the wiring on your headphones ok but the plastic headset is broken? If your headphone piece of plastic headset that sits on top of your head is broken or broken, you can fix it by using a simple 5-minute epoxy glue or sugru self rubber to bend the plastic. Here are the video tutorials for the complete process.

Do you have an easy way to fix audio issues on a pair of headphones? Please leave a comment below.

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