How to set Echo Dot with Clock | Step by Step

How to set Echo Dot with Clock

If you received an Echo Dot with a clock during the holidays, you may be wondering how to set it up. It is not much different from the standard, third generation Echo Dot. But the added LED display supports some settings you may not be aware of.

Here’s how the clock is set with the Echo Dot, as well as basic functions that make it smarter than its performance-less Echo relatives.

How to set echo dot with clock

Step 1: Plug in the echo dot so that it can be turned on. When it is ready to connect, the light around the top of the device will turn orange. (Here is a guide to what all the colors of Alexa mean). Download the Alexa app for your mobile device and connect to your home Wi-Fi network to begin the setup process.

Step 2: In the Alexa app, select the device at the bottom menu bar> ‘+’ icon in the upper right corner> Add Device> Amazon Echo> Echo Dot> Third Generation.

How to set Echo Dot with Clock
How to set Echo Dot with Clock, echo dot 3rd gen with clock
How to set Echo Dot with Clock
How to set Echo Dot with Clock (Image Credit: Future)echo dot 3rd generation with clock

Step 3: Select ‘Yes’ to search for your echo dot with the clock. Select Echo Dot from the list of available devices. This can be followed by a number – it is not important for the setup process.

Step 4: Enter your Wi-Fi credential to add your Echo Dot to your home network with the clock.

Step 5: Follow the prompts to customize your echo dot with the clock. You can rename the speaker, designate the location, make it understand your voice and more. Check out our guide to Alexa to get started with a new Echo device.

What can Echo Dot do with a clock display?

• Timer and Alarm.
• Time with your preferred format (24 or 12-hour clock).
• External temperature.
• Changes on volume, equalizer and display brightness.

How to control echo dot with clock display

Here are some things you can ask for to operate your Echo Dot with the watch display:
• “Alexa, display [on / off].”
• “Alexa, clock clock [on / off].”
• “Alexa, 24-hour clock format changes.”
• “Alexa, set brightness to 10.”
• “Alexa, change brightness to minimum.”
• “Alexa, set a timer.”

For more tips, tricks and how-tos related to Alexa, see our complete guide to Alexa.

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