अनचाहा गर्भ केवल 1 चुटकी खाने भर से गिर जाएगा देखें कैसे ?

अनचाहा गर्भ केवल 1 चुटकी खाने भर से गिर जाएगा देखें कैसे ?

How To Stop Pregnancy After 1 Month?

Being pregnant is probably one of the biggest joys for a couple. But, an unplanned pregnancy can be stressful. Though you might have used a contraceptive, sometimes, they may not prevent you from conceiving. Also, there might be situations when your body cannot support the healthy growth of a fetus. And so, you may have to terminate the pregnancy.

Medical Abortions pil

Abortion or stopping pregnancy prevents the advancement of pregnancy. And there are two viable options to do so after one month of conceiving or anytime in the first trimester. Medical and surgical abortions are both effective and do not affect a woman’s reproductive health. MomJunction helps you understand how to stop a pregnancy after one month of conception.

Things To Do Before An Abortion:How To Stop Pregnancy After 1 Month?

Here is the sequence of things you may do before terminating your pregnancy .

  1. Do a home pregnancy test: If you are sexually active and have missed your periods, there could be a chance of pregnancy. You may not experience any pregnancy symptoms in the early stages. Therefore, a test can help you know whether or not you are pregnant.
  2. See a doctor: Once the test is positive and you decide to terminate it, see a doctor, who will recommend the best abortion method depending on the gestational age of the embryo.
  3. Get an ultrasound: This helps determine whether the pregnancy is in utero or an ectopic or a molar pregnancy. Other than utero, the rest of the pregnancies require an immediate medical care. Ultrasound also gives the correct fetal age.
  1. Seek help: You may be filled with many doubts and worries when carrying an unplanned pregnancy. Share the news with your partner, discuss the future course of action, and go through it together. If necessary, take help from your family and friends to come out of your fear and anxiety.
  1. Talk to people who faced a similar situation: Check if anybody had an unplanned pregnancy and underwent an abortion. Talk to them about their experience. It can help you understand the situation better.
  2. Accept the condition: Do not be in a denial mode. Be clear about what you want, because hesitation will only complicate the matters. Take a decision at the earliest so that you can come of it as soon as possible.

Once you have decided to go ahead with abortion, you don’t have to worry about its safety. There are safe methods that do not affect your overall health.

Safe Methods To Terminate An Early Pregnancy:How To Stop Pregnancy After 1 Month?

1. Medical abortion:

This method uses pills, and it is done within the initial seven to nine weeks of pregnancy. You do not have to get admitted in a hospital as pills can treat you safely in the privacy of your home.

What Is The Procedure?

You will be given two sets of tablets, – mifepristone and misoprostol, and this procedure requires you to visit the doctor at least thrice through the course of the treatment.

First, mifepristone is given to blocks the progesterone hormone. It thins the uterine wall lining. Then misoprostol is given after 48 hours to induce uterine muscle contractions. This leads to bleeding and cramping. The embryo and uterine remains will leave the uterus in the next few days. And the bleeding will continue for seven to ten days.

An ultrasound is done after two weeks to ensure that everything is cleared and there are no tissue remains. If there are any retained tissues, they will be removed surgically.

Mifepristone(RU-486) is available under the brand names Mifeprex, Mifegyn, and Zacafemyl. Misoprostol’s brands include Arthrotec, Cytotec, Cyprostol, Misotrol, Oxaprost, Mibetec, and Prostokos .

What To Expect While Recovering From Medical Abortion? How To Stop Pregnancy After 1 Month?

  • Heavy bleeding with blood clots and tissues – it remains for seven to ten days
  • Severe cramping that lightens as hours by the day
  • Fever below 100.4°F/38°C for a day
  • Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, and loose stools after taking the tablet

Cautionary Signs:

If there is no bleeding within 24 hours of administering misoprostol, you should see your health practitioner. In some cases, the tablets might not work and you may have to go for a surgical abortion. You should not plan to continue with pregnancy if the tablets did not work as they can cause birth defects.

Who Cannot Opt For Medical Abortion? 

Medical abortion cannot be a safe option in the below cases.

  • If you have crossed nine weeks of pregnancy
  • If it is a molar or ectopic pregnancy
  • If you have been using an intrauterine device (IUD)
  • If you are having heart, liver, kidney, adrenal gland, or blood-clotting disorders

Can The Medical Abortion Fail?

Medical abortion is about 97% effective in terminating pregnancies. In case, the medicine fails to abort the fetus, you may have to go for surgical abortion. It works in 99% of the cases, but if it fails, you need to go for a repeated surgical abortion .

Is It A Safe Method?

Medical abortion was first done inthe late 1980s in European countries. It has at least 10 times fewer complications than continuing a risky pregnancy .

Advantages Of Medical Abortion:

This procedure involves no anesthesia, medical tools, or shots. It is like a natural miscarriage. It is the first option to consider when you are only one month pregnant. You can be at home or wherever you are comfortable. You can choose to be alone or have someone with you.

Disadvantages Of Medical Abortion:

The pregnancy terminates within one to two days. You will suffer heavy bleeding and cramping that can last longer than that in the case of a surgical abortion. It can only be done within a specific period, i.e., soon after a month. It will not work in the later stages.

2. Surgical abortion:

There are various types of surgical abortion methods, which vary depending on yourpregnancy stage. The two common methods include MVA (manual vacuum aspiration) and D&E (dilation and evacuation). They are performed in the hospital and require local anesthesia. You will experience dizziness, cramps, nausea, and sweating during the surgical methods .

What Is The Procedure?

The MVA is performed during the initial 12 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Local anesthesia is used to numb the cervical region.
  • Then the cervix is opened using a tenaculum and is held in a dilated position.
  • A thin cannula, attached to a suction, is passed into your uterus through the cervical canal to remove the fetus and uterine tissues.

The procedure takes 10 to 15 minutes, and you may have to stay in the hospital for a few hours for optimum recovery .

The D&E is performed after amonth after or before the13th week of pregnancy.

  • A few hours before the actual procedure, a cervical dilator is inserted into the cervix to help dilate the cervix.
  • The practitioner gives spinal anesthesia to numb the cervical area, or may also use general anesthesia.
  • A tenaculum is passed to open the cervix and uterus.
  • The cervical canal is dilated with probes of increasing size.
  • Then a cannula, whichis attached to a pump, is passed into the uterus. The pump provides a gentle vacuum to remove fetal and uterine tissues.
  • Later a curette, a spoon-shaped instrument, is used to scrape the uterine lining and tissue residue. Suction is done again as a final step to ensure all the residue is removed .

The procedure takes 15 to 30 minutes, and you may have to stay in the hospital for a few hours for optimum recovery.

What To Expect While Recovering From Surgical Abortion?

  • Spotting and irregular bleeding that last for two weeks
  • Period-like cramping for a few hours to a few days
  • Several mixed emotions from relief to guilt and grief

Cautionary Signs:

Though surgery is a safe option that ensures complete removal of the fetal tissue, there can be risks such as injury to the cervix, perforation of the uterus, uterine lining damage, blood clots, and infection.

Can The Surgical Abortion Fail? How To Stop Pregnancy After 1 Month?

It is about 99% effective in most cases. In case it fails, you may require another surgical abortion .

Is It A Safe Method?

Surgical abortion is relatively a safer method and has been in use for 40 years. The first eight weeks of pregnancy is the safest period to go for termination. This procedure carries ten times fewer complications than a risky pregnancy.

Advantages Of Surgical Abortion:

This procedure takes only a few minutes, and results in lesser bleeding than the medical procedure. It requires a doctor’s intervention, and you need to be in the clinic. It can be done at any time during the first trimester, not necessarily after a month.

Disadvantages Of Surgical Abortion:

The invasive method uses instruments through the cervical region. Pain medications and anesthetics that you take during the procedure may cause side effects. You require someone to accompany you for the surgical procedure. Though a minor inconvenience, do note that the vacuum aspirator will be very noisy.

If you are looking to avoid medical and surgical methods and want abortion naturally, the next section will tell you what you can do.

How To Abort One Month Pregnancy Naturally?How To Stop Pregnancy After 1 Month?

There are some home and herbal methods to avoid pregnancy. As they are not entirely reliable, you should check with your practitioner if you do not see any bleeding upon using them.

Herbal abortion methods include:

1. Papaya:

Papaya has phytochemicals that are abortifacient in nature, and inhibit the progesterone hormone activity. It also contains prostaglandins and oxytocin that can stimulate contractions. This is the reason doctors ask you to avoid papaya during pregnancy.

2. Pineapple:

Pineapple contains a proteolytic enzyme known as bromelain that can soften the cervix. This could, therefore, lead to a natural abortion .

3. Cinnamon:

Raw cinnamon or cinnamon supplements are usually used to stimulate the uterus to ease delivery. But, if they are taken in excess amounts, they can cause anabortion .

4. Sesame seeds:

Sesame seeds when taken in huge quantities can lead to abortion. You can soak them overnight, or take with honey for a month to see the results .

5. Chamomile/green tea:

High consumption of green tea and/or chamomile tea induces abortion and therefore causes miscarriage. For chamomile tea, simply mix dried chamomile in boiling water, rest, strain, and consume it .

6. Parsley:

Parsley stimulates uterine contractions, which could lead to bleeding. It, therefore, ends the pregnancy .

Other Natural Ways Include:

7. Hot water bath:

You should go for a regular shower with extremely hot water to induce abortion. Hot water bath along with a combination of above herbal methods could help. It affects the mucus membrane that surrounds the vaginal area, and initiates fetal removal .

8. Frequent sex:

Involving in frequent intercourse in the early pregnancy stages is known to harm the fetus. The orgasms stimulate uterine contractions, and also the prostaglandins present in semen will inhibit the growth of the fetus .

Abortion will make your body feel down. And, you will need some recovery time to get back on to your feet.

How To Speed Up Recovery After One Month Pregnancy Abortion?

How To Stop Pregnancy After 1 Month?

Though you can get back to a normal routine within a few hours of abortion, it is advisable to take rest for two to three days for your body and mind to cope with exhaustion .

  1. Do not lift heavy objects that weigh over 50 pounds. They may aggravate bleeding and lead to life-threatening complications.
  1. Do not indulge in any kind of exercise, including biking, running, and aerobics, to avoid risks.
  1. Avoid intercourse as the cervix is still tender and will not close quickly. Avoid sex to decrease the risk of infections. Your practitioner will let you know the best time to return to sexual activity.
  1. Use hot compress, such as a hot water bottle or a heating pad on your belly to get relief from cramping and pain.
  1. Avoid swimming and tub bathing forat least two weeks as otherwise it may cause irritation and infection in the vaginal area.
  1. Do not use anything inside the vagina, such as tampons, contraceptive implants, etc.,for at least two weeks.
  1. It is advisable to see a doctor within a month after abortion to check if the healing is complete.
  1. Include a rich diet of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, protein, whole grains, and drink a lot of water.

In addition to care, you need to take note of a few points after abortion.

Points To Remember: How To Stop Pregnancy After 1 Month?

These measures will help you recover mentally and physically after an abortion :

  • After you have terminated your pregnancy, keep yourself occupied to avoid any negative thoughts.
  • If you wanted the baby but had to terminate due to complications, you should be gentle with yourself. Make efforts to recuperate, and plan your next pregnancy after some gap.
  • Talk to your family and particularly your partner about how you feel. The discussion will help you vent out the sad feelings and get back to normal life as soon as possible.
  • Your partner, too, must be feeling sad and guilty. Support him while he supports you. Be strong, and understand that this too shall pass, and you will find happier times just around the corner.

It takes time to recover physically, emotionally, and mentally following an abortion. So, take time and relax. Do not blame yourself for the situation. Seek the support of your partner, family and close friends. And if there are any complications, consult a doctor. But, before you opt to abort your pregnancy, ensure that the method you choose is the best. Your doctor would be your best guide, to take you through the process.

Have an experience to share? Tell us in the comments section below.

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