How to work condenser coil in Air Conditioner?

How to work condenser coil in Air Conditioner?

What is condenser?
How to work condenser coil in Air Conditioner? Condenser air conditioner is a device that condenses a substance by cooling it from gaseous to liquid state.

How does it work?
The condenser coil is where the heat dissipates. The consolidation unit (some times incorrectly referred to as the compressor) is located outside. Its basic capacity is that of a hot exchanger, in which it collects a substance (refrigerant) from a volatile to a molten state. From that point on, the latent heat is surrendered by the material and the condenser will exchange for the coolant. In the refrigeration cycle, a heat pump transfers hot from a low-temperature close source to a high-temperature hot sink.

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How to work condenser coil in Air Conditioner?

As a result of the second law of thermodynamics, the heat flows the other way. An electric engine best known in refrigeration cycles is used to drive a compressor (located inside the consolidated unit). Since dissipation occurs when heat is retained, and buildup occurs when heat is discharged, aeration and cooling systems use a compressor to cause a weight change between the two compartments, and effectively refrigerate the surroundings. Draws.
Inside the condenser, the refrigerant vapor is compressed and compressed through a hot business loop, collecting it in a fluid and rejecting the heat already created from the cold indoor zone. The heat exchanger of the condenser is, for the most part, cooled by the fan through which air flows out.

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