Installing a new refrigerator water or ice filter? | How To Fix.

Installing a new refrigerator water or ice filter?

Installing a new refrigerator water or ice filter? The water filter inside your refrigerator needs to be replaced every 6 months. For every 300 gallons that filter through the water filter, it must be removed and replaced. This quick guide will answer some questions while replacing the water filter in your fridge.

Installing a new refrigerator water or ice filter How To Fix.
Installing a new refrigerator water or ice filter How To Fix.

What does water filter do

A refrigerator with a dispenser is designed to circulate cold water and ice cubes. The water required to make this cold water and clear ice cubes goes through the water filter cartridge. This water filter is located either within your refrigerator or at the back of your refrigerator. The filter is designed to filter and clean the water before filtering. The water filter removes any contaminants that may be harmful and provides clean water.

Water filter is a very important part of your refrigerator dispenser system. If the water filter is not replaced regularly, the water dispenser or ice maker may not spread properly and the water and ice may become dirty or rust.

How often to change the refrigerator water filter

It is recommended to change the water filter of your refrigerator every 6 months or 180 days. If your area water contains “hard water”, the water filter may need to be changed more often. Most OEM water filters are designed to filter up to 300 gallons of water. If a refrigerator water filter is used to filter 300 gallons of water, the filter will not properly remove any contaminants that may be in the water supply.

How to find the right refrigerator water filter

If you need assistance finding the right water filter, you can find it online in your owner’s manual by typing in the make and model, or by removing the old filter, writing the filter model number.

Where is the water filter in my fridge

To install a new water filter in your refrigerator, you need to find out if the filter is located inside the refrigerator and where it is located. Some older refrigerators may have a water filter located on the back of the refrigerator.

For most refrigerators, the water filter is located inside. Open the refrigerator door and find out where the water filter is located. Most refrigerators have a water filter located in the center of the refrigerator in the top right corner or behind a small door. If you have any problems, check your owner’s manual or check online. In the Google or YouTube type water filter location for the refrigerator model number 

The water used by the refrigerator is from the homes supply which usually comes from the back of the refrigerator. It is recommended to shut down this water supply before attempting to remove the old water filter. On most refrigerators you do not need to turn off the water, but it is recommended in the event of a leak when removing or replacing the filter.

How to remove and replace the refrigerator water filter
  1. Locate the water filter housing inside the refrigerator.
  2. Press or bend the indicated area to remove the filter cover (if applicable).
  3. Remove the old water filter by rotating the filter to the left or counterclockwise.
  4. Slide the water filter out and leave it, some water is dripping so be cautious.
  5. Remove all packaging from new water filter.
  6. Position the new water filter within the filter housing.
  7. Slide the filter into position and bend it to the right to connect the filter.
  8. Once the filter is in place you can feel it “click” in place, do not proceed.
  9. Place the filter cover back in the same place (if applicable).
  10. Reset the refrigerator water filter signal on the dispenser (if applicable).
  11. Run water with a water dispenser for at least 5 minutes to clear any debris.
  12. Drive at least 3 gallons to prevent sputtering or air in the water lines.
  13. Check the water filter housing area to make sure there are no leaks coming from the filter.

The water filter for your refrigerator is now installed and ready to go. See below some different types of refrigerator…

Replace a universal inline refrigerator water filter (behind the refrigerator)

If you have a fridge with inline water filter on the back of your fridge, you must turn off the water in the fridge. Slide the fridge out of the wall and turn the water off the fridge. Take a small bowl or towel and place it under the water filter. Remove the fittings connecting the old water filter to the water line. Install new water filters using the water line or the connections that were included with the new water filter. To ensure that there are no leaks, turn the water back on. Run a water dispenser for at least 5 minutes to empty the water lines. Check the back of the refrigerator for leaks and slide the refrigerator back into place if none.

Common problems when installing a new refrigerator water filter

If the new filter is difficult to bend in place, water pressure may be the reason.

Push the filter with more force and rotate it clockwise.

The water looks dirty after installing the new water filter.

This is because the filter contains particles that need to be cleaned, run water on a refrigerator machine for at least 5 minutes to completely clean the water lines.

I had installed the water filter, but now it sounds when supplying water.

This means air trapped in lines. Just run water for 5 minutes from the dispenser and it will expel the air and not much will be heard.

My snowflakes look dirty after replacing the water filter.

This is because the water was not run after replacing the new water filter. If you find dirty snowflakes, throw them away and run a water dispenser for 5 minutes to completely clean the water lines.

I waited too long to change my water filter and now the water looks dirty.

Replace the water filter ASAP. Discard any ice produced by the old water filter, and remember to remove about 3 gallons from the system before running the water and consuming any water or ice.


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