Kenmore Elite HE3 Washer Error Codes | Solution

Kenmore Elite HE3 Washer Error Codes

Kenmore Elite HE3 Washer Error Codes Solution
Kenmore Elite HE3 Washer Error Codes Solution

If you have a Kenmore Elite HE3 washer and are receiving error codes, this page will help you diagnose the problem. The most common error codes for this Kenmore washer are fault codes F02, F11, F dl, F06, SUD, etc. We will show you below what these error codes mean and the solution to fix them yourself.

Error Code F02 – This means that the washer has a drone issue. To fix this error code, it is advisable to check he drain hose for kinks, and check the drain pump for anything that may have stopped. Ensure that the pump filter is not jammed or filled. Check drain pump electrical connection. If all else fails, replace the drain pump.

Error Code F11 – This means that the machine has a communication problem. Most likely, the washer has vibrated enough to loosen the wires. You will need to remove the top of the washer and inspect the wiring harness going from the control board. One of the wires will probably be loose so this error code will be the cause. Ensure that all wire connections are secure.

Error Code F dl – This fault code means the washer door has a locking problem. Your washer will try to open the door 6 times before displaying the error. This error indicates a problem with the door lock mechanism and or the door lock switch assembly. This error may also mean that there is no communication between the control board and the door lock. This may indicate a loose wire between the door lock assembly and the control board.

Error code F06 – indicates a problem with the drive motor. The control panel is not able to detect the motions of the motors and hence the machine will shut down. When the washer is in a spin mode and this error occurs, the washer door will lock for 3 minutes. Check the wire harness on the drive motor, motor control unit and control board.

Error code SUD – indicates that the washer has an incorrect detergent or overload of detergent. SUD means excessive soap is detected. To correct this problem run the washer on a rinse cycle and then on a normal wash cycle and do not add any detergent or clothes. This process will reset the washer and remove excess detergent. If this does not fix the problem, check the drain hose for kinks or turns. Check drain pump filter. If the above does not solve the problem, check the drain pump for clogs.

How do I clear the error code on my Kenmore washer?

To reset the code you will need to remove the power supply to the washer.
1. Look for the “Stop / Cancel” button on the washer control panel. …
2. Press the “Stop / Cancel” button twice to cancel the wash cycle. …
3. Check the kink in the water supply hose while the washer does not have power.

How do I reset my Kenmore Washer?

How to reset Kenmore Elite H Washer
1. Press the “Stop” button twice, and then the “Power” button.
2. Choose a wash cycle (e.g. “normal”), and then choose your wash option (eg “hot / cold” or “cold / cold”).
3. Press the “Start” button to complete the reset process and restart the washing machine.

What does D mean on Kenmore Washer?

The DE code indicates a problem with door locking and may be a control, door latch or door switch assembly. The first image will help with this. If you do not feel confident in fixing this problem yourself, you can repair it at your home.

How do I fix the f11 code on my kenmore washer?

How do I remove my Kenmore Washer?

1. The washer will not close when the lid is open. “When you open the lid the washing machine will not shut down what it is doing.”
2. Bad lid switch. …
3. Water will not come out of the washer. …
4. Closed waste hose. …
5. Bad drain pump. …
6. Bad pump motor. …
7. Washer does not spin / agitate. …
8. Broken Drive Belt.

Does the Kenmore washer have a reset button?

Does the Kenmore washer have a reset button? The washer does not have a reset button. The only way to reset the unit is to restart the unit by unplugging it for 5–10 minutes. If this does not work, then this issue & nbsp; Be with main control board or power cord.

How do you reset kenmore front load washer?

How to reset a Kenmore 3.5 capacity washer
1. Turn off and unplug the machine. …
2. If you see the lock icon on the control display, unlock the control panel by simultaneously pushing and holding the option and selection buttons for 10 seconds.
3. Whatever new option you need, and wait for the control panel to flash and reset the washer options.
4. Why won’t my Kenmore washer start?
5. First make sure that the power is getting to the electrical outlet. If the electrical outlet is receiving power, but the washer will not start, the power cord may be faulty. … To determine if the power cord is faulty, use a multimeter to test it for the power cord. If the power cord is not receiving power, replace it.

How do I run the diagnosis on my Kenmore Elite Washer?

Here’s what I did to run a diagnostic.
1. With the washer empty, close the door.
2. Push “Control / On” or “Start”
3. Select “Groove / Spin”
4. Press “Spin Speed ​​Touchpad” and select “No Spin”.
5. Push “Option” four times within 5 seconds. …
6. C: 00 should light up and begin diagnosis

What does f5 mean on kenmore washer?

The F5 error code indicates that the central control unit (main machine control board) detects a temperature sensor resistance that is outside the normal range. The F5 error is usually caused by a failed NTC temperature sensor.

How do I reset my Kenmore 400 Series Washer?

To reset the master, carefully unplug the washing machine from the power outlet and unplug it for a minute. After waking up one minute, plug the washer cord back into the wall. Next, open and close the washing machine door 6 times within 12 seconds to send a “reset” signal to all components.

What would cause Kenmore Washer to spin?

If the washer will not spin or agitate, check the drive belt. If the belt is broken or if it is not tight on the pleura, the washer will not spin or movement properly. If the washer lid will not spin the switch the assembly may malfunction. … The stator assembly may be burned if the washer will not spin or agitate.


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