Klimaire AC Error Codes| Troubleshooting

Klimaire AC Error Codes

Klimaire AC Error Codes,Models: KSIM20912-H216, KSIM30912-H216, KSIM40912-H216 Diagnosis and Solution: EEPROM parameter error diagnosis and solution (E0/F4): Malfunction decision

Troubleshooting for indoor unit

E0 EEPROM error Klimaire AC Error Codes

E1 communication error between indoor and outdoor unit

E2 zero-crossing test error

E3 fan speed beyond control

E5 Outdoor Units Temp. Temp or Sensor. Sensor is faulty

E6 Indoor Units Temp. Temp or Sensor. Sensor is faulty

P0 Inverter Module Protection

P1 outdoor voltage protection very low

P2 Compressor Discharge Temp. Security

P3 Outdoor Temp. Very little security

P4 Compressor Driving Protection

P5 Outdoor Temp. Very little security

Outdoor unit troubleshooting

E1 No 1 indoor units pipe temp. Connector of sensor or pipe temp. Sensor is faulty

E2 No 2 indoor units pipe temp. Connector of sensor or pipe temp. Sensor is faulty

E3 No 3 indoor units pipe temp. Connector of sensor or pipe temp. Sensor is faulty

E6 No 4 indoor units pipe temp. Connector of sensor or pipe temp. Sensor is faulty

E4 Outdoor Temp. Temp or Sensor. Sensor is faulty

E5 Compressor Voltage Protection

E7 communication error between external IC and DSP

P0 compressor discharge temp. Security

P1 High Pressure Protection (Just 36K for 1×4 units)

P2 Low Pressure Protection (Just 36K for 1×4 units.)

P3 Compressor Current Protection

P4 Inverter Module Safety

P5 Outdoor Temp. Very little security

P6 Condenser High Temperature Protection

P7 Compressor Driving Protection

PF PFC Security.

Klimaire AC Error Codes Diagnosis and solution:

EEPROM Parameter Error Diagnosis and Resolution (E0 / F4)
Malfunction Decision Condition: Indoor or outdoor PCB main chip does not receive feedback from EEPROM chip.
Considered reason: installation fault. PCB faulty.

Indoor / outdoor unit communication diagnostics and solutions (E1)
Malfunction Decision Condition: The indoor unit does not receive a response from the outdoor unit during 110 seconds and this condition occurs four times in a row.
Considered reason: wiring fault. Indoor or outdoor PCB faulty.

Zero crossing detection error diagnosis and solution (E2)
Malfunction Decision Condition: When the PCB does not achieve zero crossing signal response for 4 minutes or zero crossing signal time interval is abnormal.
Considered reason: Connection fault. PCB faulty.

Fan speed control is out of diagnosis and resolution (E3)
Malfunction decision status: When the indoor fan speed is too low (300RPM) for a certain period of time, the unit will shut down and the LED will display a failure
Considered reason: wiring fault. Fan assembly defective. Fan motor faulty. PCB faulty.


Klimaire AC Error Codes

Problems The motor is heard but the air-conditioner dose does not work when the indoor unit is powered on.
Causes Since the air-conditioner is on, it will be in working condition until you press the ON / OFF button of the remote control and the signal is well received.

Problems The compressor stops running but the indoor fan motor continues to operate when it is on cooling mode with the indoor temperature higher than the set temperature
Causes If you turn off the air-conditioner and restart it immediately, it will return to normal in 3 minutes, after which, the air-conditioner will automatically adjust the speed of the indoor fan you have set.

Problems Compressor works separately on dehumidifying mode
Causes The air-conditioner will automatically control the work of the compressor according to the temperature inside.

Problems Air-conditioner does not work when LED display is on
Causes The timer is set with the air-conditioner; It will hold on to the situation. If the TIMER setting is canceled, the air-conditioner will return to normal working condition.

Problems The compressor works separately on the cooling and dehumidifying modes, and the indoor fan motor slows down
Causes The compressor stops internally or the fan motor slows down to prevent the indoor heat exchanger from freezing.

Problem: The unit does not turn on when the ON / OFF button is pressed
Possible Cause: The unit has a 3-minute safety feature which protects the unit from overloading. The unit cannot be restarted within three minutes of shutdown.

Issue: The unit changes from COOL / HEAT mode to FAN mode
Possible reasons:
The unit can change its setting to prevent frost from forming on the unit. After the temperature rises, the unit will start working again in the previously selected mode.
The set temperature is reached, at which point the unit turns off the compressor. The unit will continue to operate when the temperature fluctuates again.

Problem: indoor unit emits white mist
Possible causes: In moist areas, a large temperature difference between room air and air conditioned air can cause white haze.

Problem: indoor unit makes noise
Possible reasons:
Ouver a strong wind sound can occur when the Louvre resolves its position.
A screaming sound may occur after operating the unit in HEAT mode due to expansion and contraction of the plastic parts of the unit.

How to operate your unit without remote control?
In the event that your remote control fails to function, your unit can be operated manually with a manual control button located on the indoor unit. Note that manual operation is not a long-term solution, and that it is strongly recommended to operate the unit with your remote control.

Klimaire AC Error Codes

How to operate your unit without remote control
To operate your unit manually:
1. Open the front panel of the indoor unit.
2. Locate the MANUAL control button on the right side of the unit.
3. Press the MANUAL control button once to activate FORCED AUTO mode.
4. Press MANUAL control again to activate FORCED COOLING mode.
5. Press the MANUAL control button a third time to close the unit.
6. Close the front panel.

Cleaning your air filter
A clogged air conditioner can reduce the cooling capacity of your unit, and can also be bad for your health. Be sure to clean the filter once every two weeks.

Klimaire AC Error Codes

Cleaning your air filter
1. Lift the front panel of the indoor unit.
2. Hold the tab at the end of the filter, push it up slightly, then pull it slightly towards you.
3. Now drag down the filter to remove it.
4. If you have a small air freshening filter in your filter, separate it from the larger filter. Clean this air freshening filter with a hand-held vacuum.
5. Clean the large air filter with warm, soapy water. Be sure to use a mild detergent.
6. Rinse the filter with fresh water, then shake off excess water.
7. Dry it in a cool, dry place, and avoid going under direct sunlight.
8. When it dries, re-clip the air freshening filter onto the larger filter, then slide it back into the indoor unit.
9. Close the front panel of the indoor unit.

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