McQuay Air Conditioner Error Codes

McQuay Air Conditioner Error Codes

McQuay Air Conditioner Error Codes
McQuay Air Conditioner Error Codes

McQuay Air Conditioner Error Codes

Error Codes Problem

E1 Compressor 2 low pressure faulty

E2 Compressor 2 excessive stress faulty

E3 Compressor 2 overload

E4 Indoor coil 2 Temp. sensor fault

E5 System 2 leaving water Temp. 2 faulty

F2 Indoor coil 1 Temp. sensor fault

F4 Return air Temp. sensor fault

F6 Communication faulty

F9 Compressor 1 refrigerant leak

FE Compressor 2 refrigerant leak

H1 Compressor 1 overload

H4 Compressor 1 excessive pressure faulty

L1 Compressor 1 low pressure faulty

L3 Temp. of water getting into too high or low

L4 Water float transfer faulty

L5 System 1 leaving water Temp. 1 faulty

McQuay Air Conditioner Remote Control

McQuay Air Conditioner Remote Control
McQuay Air Conditioner Remote Control

Single Split Inverter-Y Model Indoor Series
Error Codes Error Description
zero Normal

F6 Heat exchanger overheat

U0 Insufficient gas

H0 Compressor sensor gadget abnormality

U2 DC voltage out of range

H3 High stress switch error

U4 Communication error

H6 Position sensor abnormality

U7 Signal transmission error (on outside unit PCB)

H8 AC current sensor error

UA Installation error

H9 Outdoor air thermistor short / open

UF Communication Error (indoor and outside) piping and wiring

J1 Pressure sensor error

UH Anti-freeze function in different room

J3 Compressor discharge pipe thermistor short /open / misplaced

A1 Indoor PCB error

J5 Suction pipe thermistor short/ open

A3 Water pump error

J6 Outdoor warmth exchanger

A5 Antifreeze

J7 Subcooling warmth exchanger thermistor short/ open

A6 Indoor fan motor abnormal

J8 Liquid pipe thermistor short/ open

C4 Indoor warmth exchanger thermistor short/ open

J9 Gas pipe thermistor abnormality

C9 Indoor room thermistor short/ open

LC Communication error (control PCB and inverter PCB)

L1 Outdoor PCB error

L3 Electrical box Temp. rise

L4 Heat sink overheat

E1 Outdoor PCB error

E3 High pressure protection

E4 Low pressure protection

E5 Compressor motor lock

L5 IPM error / IGBT error

E6 Compressor start-up error

L8 Electrical thermal switch

E7 Outdoor DC fan motor lock

L9 Stall prevention

E8 Ac enter over modern-day

P1 Open phase or voltage unbalance

E9 EXV error

P4 Heat sink thermistor short / open

EA 4manner valve error

PJ Capacity placing error

F3 Discharge pipe overheat

Wall Mounted K-Series Inverter-Y model

McQuay AC Error Code Diagnosis
McQuay AC Error Code Diagnosis

Error Codes Meaning

00 Normal

UA Indoor-outside Unit Combination Fault

UO Refrigerant Shortage

U2 Drop Voltage Or Main Circuit Overvoltage

U4 Failure Of Transmission (Between Indoor Unit And Outdoor Unit)

A1 Indoor Pcb Defectiveness

A5 High Pressure Control Or Freeze-up Protector

A6 Fan Motor Fault

C4 Faulty Heat Exchanger Temp. Sensor

C9 Faulty Suction Air Temp. Sensor

EA Cooling-heating Switching Error

E1 Circuit Board Fault

E5 Ol Started

E6 Faulty Compressor Start Up

E7 Dc Fan Motor Fault

E8 Overcurrent Input

F3 High Temp. Discharge Ppe Control

F6 High Pressrue Control (In Cooling)

H0 Sensor Fault

H6 Operation Fault Due To Faulty Position Detection Sensor

H8 Dc Current Sensor Fault

H9 Faulty Suction Air Temp. Sensor

BJ3 Faulty Discharge Pipe Temp. Sensor


J6 Faulty Heat Exchanger Temp. Sensor

L3 Electrical Parts Heat Fault

L4 High Temp. At Inverter Circuit Heatsink

L5 Output Overcurrent

P4 Faulty Inverter Circuit Heatsink Temp. Sensor

Error Diagnosis by Wired Controller (MC301):

McQuay Air Conditioner Remote Control Error Codes
McQuay Air Conditioner Remote Control Error Codes

McQuay Air Conditioner Remote Control Error Codes

E0: System malfunction

E1: Sensor Broken (TH1 discharge Temp.)

E2: Sensor Broken (TH2 inlet coil 1#)

E3: Sensor Broken (TH3 mid coil 1#)

E4: Sensor Broken (TH4 inlet coil 2#)

E5: Sensor Broken (TH5 mid coil 2#)

E6: Sensor Broken (TH6 inlet coil 3#)

E7: Sensor Broken (TH7 mid coil three#)

E8: Sensor Broken (TH8 ambient temp)

E9: Sensor Broken (TH9 outlet coil)

BEA: Sensor Broken (TH10 subcool outlet)

EB: Sensor Broken (TH11 subcool suction)

EC: Sensor Broken (TH12 suction)

EF: Emergency Run

F0: Outdoor Storage Malfunction

F1: Sensor Broken (indoor inlet coil)

F2: Sensor Broken (indoor mid coil)

F3: Sensor Broken (indoor outlet coil)

F4: Sensor Broken (indoor go back air)

F5: Sensor Broken (indoor supply air)

F6: Indoor and controller communique malfunction

F7: Ambient temp exceed the limit

F8: 4WV malfunction

F9: Refrigerant leakage

FA: Controller garage malfunction

FB: Water Pump (indoor water pump)

FC: Indoor and out of doors communication malfunction

FE: Outdoor master and slave communique malfunction

H0: Digital comp overload

H1: Fixed Comp1 overload

H2: Fixed Comp2 overload

H3: Fixed Comp3 overload

H4: High pressure too high

H5: Sensor broken, high strain

H6: Discharge temp too high

L0: Super warmth too low

L1: Low stress too low

L2: Sensor broken, low stress

10: System malfunction

11: Sensor broken (slave TH1 discharge temp)

12: Sensor broken (slave TH2 inlet coil 1#)

13: Sensor Broken (slave TH3 mid coil 1#)

14: Sensor broken (slave TH4 inlet coil 2#)

15: Sensor broken (slave TH5 mid coil 2#)

16: Sensor broken (slave TH6 inlet coil 3#)

17: Sensor broken (slave TH7 mid coil three#)

18: Sensor broken (slave TH8 ambient temp)

19: Sensor broken (slave TH9 outlet coil)

1A: Sensor broken (slave TH10 subcool outlet)

1B: Sensor broken (slave TH11 subcool suction)

1C: Sensor Broken (slave TH12 suction)

1F: Emergency run (slave)

20: Outdoor garage (slave)

27: Ambient temp exceed the limit (slave)

28: 4WV malfunction (slave)

29: Refrigerant leakage (slave)

30: Digital comp overload (slave)

31: Fixed comp1 overload (slave)

32: Fixed comp2 overload (slave)

33: Fixed comp three overload (slave)

34: High stress too excessive (slave)

35: Sensor broken, excessive stress (slave)

36: Discharge temp too excessive (slave)

40: Super warmness too low (slave)

41: Low stress too low (slave)

42: Sensor broken, low stress (slave)

Mcquay Cassette AC Error Codes

Mcquay Cassette AC Error Codes
Mcquay Cassette AC Error Codes

Wired Remote Control (Universal Board)

Display: E1 Blinking
Faulty Indication: Room sensor touch loose/ short

Display: E2 Blinking
Faulty Indication: Indoor coil sensor touch loose/ short

Display: E3 Blinking
Faulty Indication: Outdoor coil sensor touch loose/ short

Display: E4 Blinking
Faulty Indication: Compressor overload

Display: E5 Blinking
Faulty Indication: Gas leak

Display: E6 Blinking
Faulty Indication: Pump faulty

Display: Heat LED Blinking
Faulty Indication: Outdoor defrost (for Heatpump only)

McQuay PTAC Error Codes

McQuay PTAC Error Codes
McQuay PTAC Error Codes

Remote Controller Error Display:

E01: Room Temp. sensor open. Automatically reset to healing error.

E02: Room Temp. sensor short. Automatically reset to healing error.

E03: Error input from indoor unit or Outdoor unit.

McQuay PTAC Error Codes
McQuay PTAC Error Codes

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