How to Remove a Samsung Ice Maker Quick Guide

How to Remove a Samsung Ice Maker Quick Guide

remove ice maker samsung
remove ice maker samsung

For easy maintenance, knowing how to remove an ice maker from a refrigerator is required. As a result, how to remove a Samsung ice maker is covered in this article.

How to Remove a Samsung Refrigerator’s Ice Bucket

Locate the opening beneath the ice bucket on a Samsung refrigerator to remove it. Next, gently jiggle it with both hands to shake it out. To avoid damaging it, don’t push it.

The ice bucket is released by a lever or a button on some Samsung refrigerator models. If twisting it gently does not release it, see your user manual to learn how to remove it.

Remove any ice that develops in the ice bucket in the freezer as soon as possible. Next, look to see whether the ice maker has any white wire dangling from it. If you don’t see this wire, it’s because ice has formed in the bucket due to water spilling.

Note: If your Samsung Smart refrigerator is connected to SmartThings and the ice maker is frozen, Samsung provides a software upgrade that avoids and maybe remedies the problem. It is best to keep the device connected at all times to avoid freezing.

How to Dispose of a Samsung Ice Machine

To take the ice maker out of a Samsung refrigerator, follow these steps:

Step 1 Check to see if the ice machine is frozen. It will need to be thawed. Set the refrigerator to forced defrost mode to do this. The button combination to utilise for this is determined on the Samsung refrigerator model you own.
However, pushing the Energy Saver and Fridge buttons at the same time for around 8 seconds and then pressing the Fridge button three more times until the Fd shows puts the device in forced defrost mode for most people.
Allow it to stay in this mode for about 10 minutes before turning it off. To do so, hold down the same keys while pressing the Fridge button until the screen goes blank and the beeping stops.

Step 2 If you can’t access the power supply, disconnect the refrigerator from it or trip the circuit breaker.

Step 3 To remove the ice bucket, hold it at the bottom at the entrance, lift it slightly, and gently take it out.
After you remove the bucket, defrost any remaining ice in the ice maker chamber by keeping the door open and allowing it time. It’s not a good idea to use a heat gun or a hair dryer for this since it might harm the plastic, which is irreversible.

Step 4 Unscrew the Philips screw that holds the enclosure enclosing the wires in place. To remove the cover, pull it up and away from you. Remove the ice maker’s wire from the compartment’s side. Remove the electrical plug by depressing the clasp that holds it in place.

Step 5 Remove the Philips screw that secures the ice duct tray. Pry the tray to the right and carefully pull it down with a flat blade screwdriver.
If your Samsung refrigerator model includes an ice maker with a cooling coil integrated into the bottom, move it to remove the ice maker.
Pry the coil down from the top with a flat blade screwdriver, just enough to slip the ice maker out. The coil will not fall out.
Carefully handle the coil to avoid puncturing it. If you do, the device will be destroyed and will not be repaired. Also, make sure there is no ice on it before removing it; all ice must melt.

Step 6 To remove the ice maker from the coil’s top, press down the top clip to secure it, then pull it forward and push it down. The ice maker will come loose from the housing as a result of this.

The ice maker on a Samsung refrigerator is removed and replaced in this video…


How to Take Ice Out of a Samsung Ice Machine

Defrost the refrigerator manually to remove ice from a Samsung ice maker. Disconnect the unit from the power source and leave the door open to allow the ice to melt as quickly as possible. This will take the ice out of the ice machine.

You may also use the forced defrost function on the refrigerator. To achieve this on some models, press and hold the Lighting and Freezer buttons at the same time for around 12 seconds.

The screen will go black. To activate the forced defrost mode, press the Lighting button four times. For the length of the thaw, which is between 15 and 20 minutes, the machine will beep. This removes the ice from the ice machine.

To get the same outcome on some other Samsung refrigerator models, push the Energy Saver and Fridge buttons simultaneously for around 12 seconds.

However, you need consult the handbook for your Samsung refrigerator model to learn how to set it to forced defrost mode.
Using a hair dryer to defrost the ice is a faster method. However, this procedure is not recommended since the heat might permanently harm the unit’s plastic.

How to Unstick a Samsung Refrigerator’s Stuck Ice Maker
Check to verify whether the ice maker in your Samsung refrigerator is frozen in place before attempting to remove it. If this is the case, defrost the refrigerator manually or use the forced defrost setting to melt the ice.

While using a heat source to melt the ice directly on the ice maker is rapid and effective, it is typically not recommended. This is due to the risk of electric shock and irreversible damage to the refrigerator’s plastic.

If the ice maker is stuck but not frozen in place, call the Samsung Support centre to report the problem and seek fast repair.

Make sure there’s a valid cause for removing a Samsung ice maker before learning how to do it. It is critical not to remove the ice maker too frequently in order to avoid irreversible damage.

And if you need repairs and don’t know how to handle them, get a professional to do them for you. We have a team of skilled specialists ready to assist you.

Always unplug the Samsung refrigerator from the wall outlet before doing any diagnostics or repairs. This is to protect the gadget from electric shock or damage.
If you have a nice pair of work gloves, you should also wear them. It’s an extra layer of protection for your hands from the refrigerator’s sharp edges.

Frequently Asked Questions about Removing a Samsung Ice Maker

How to Remove a Samsung Ice Maker’s Cover

To get the lid off a Samsung ice maker, open the freezer door and look for the ice maker. Place your hands on either side of the ice maker, gently press the sides in, and raise the lid up with minimal pressure. If you press too hard or raise it too forcibly, you will destroy it.

Here’s how to remove and replace the lid of a Samsung ice maker in a video…

How to Disassemble a Samsung Refrigerator’s Ice Maker Tray

Simply defrost the refrigerator to melt the ice that is keeping the ice maker tray or ice cube tray in place. You may either manually defrost it or use the forced defrost mode.


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