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Samsung Dishwasher Error Codes What Do They Indicate & How To Fix It

Samsung Dishwasher Error Codes It can be really helpful to have a smart dishwasher that can show fault codes. When your dishwasher malfunctions, they aid in accurately diagnosing the problem. The problem codes we have given below can only be displayed on Samsung models with a digital display, so keep that in mind. The fault code will be indicated by blinking lights if your dishwasher lacks a digital display.

Samsung Dishwasher Error Codes

Samsung Dishwasher Error Codes

Before you try to reset the dishwasher or clear the code, it’s critical to make sure you run the proper troubleshooting. The problem that resulted in the error will not be resolved if you merely restart it after removing the code.

Error OE/OC/0C/oE

An overflow of water error is indicated by this code. It signals when the dishwasher has too much water in it and could indicate a problem with the main power board assembly or water inlet valve.

Examining the drain hose, sink connection, filter, sump pump, and drain will help you identify the problems. A thorough cleaning of any obstructions is a must. Changing the inlet valve or power board might be necessary if the issue persists.

Error 1E/IE

This code denotes a blocked filter error. This error code denotes a problem with the filter’s ability to filter water. Clean the fine filter and look for any damage to help solve these problems. Your dishwasher’s bottom contains it. Contact a Samsung expert if, after cleaning the filter, the error number still appears.

Error HE

This error code denotes a problem with the water heater. It indicates that there is a problem with the dishwasher’s capacity to heat water. Start by inspecting the heater’s wire connections and main power board assembly. If the water heater is broken or malfunctioning, you might need to replace it. Examine the main power board for issues if the heater is not the issue.

Error HE1

Thermistor error is indicated by this code. This signal indicates that the dishwasher’s internal temperature has risen above 80C. The heater relay on the main power board being stuck is a frequent cause of this issue. The thermistor can also be faulty and in need of replacement as a problem.

Error Flashing “Heavy”

This symbol denotes a leak in the plumbing. Your digital display flashes “heavy” when there is a water leak, so pay attention to that. You need to check the drain hose, tighten it up, or replace it in order to troubleshoot this error.

Error  LC/LE

Error with a water leak is indicated by this code. As a result of malfunctioning drain hoses or a pump, this suggests there is a water leak beneath the dishwasher. Give the tub, drain pump, and hoses a close inspection. Any parts that are damaged must be changed.

Error bE2/BE

A jammed control panel button is indicated by this error code. When one or more of the control panel’s buttons become stuck, it happens. Pressing each button individually will help you locate and remove any stuck buttons, which will make it easier to fix the error code. A new control panel might be required if the problem persists.

Error CE

There was a communication issue, according to this code. When the control panel and dishwasher are unable to communicate effectively, an error occurs. The control panel needs to be restarted in order to fix this error. The dishwasher must be shut off and restarted to accomplish this. A Samsung technician should be contacted if the issue persists and the error reappears.

Error PE

This code denotes a half-load error code. This error code denotes a problem with the sump pump, diverter assembly, or motor assembly. It typically happens when the inner spray arm, which is managed by the diverter assembly, is not functioning. The half-load mode is where this happens most frequently. You must check for and reconnect any loose wires in order to solve this problem. You should inspect for damage and replace any broken pieces.

Error 3C

This code denotes a pump operation error. The water pump is malfunctioning as indicated by this error. Restarting your dishwasher is the simplest solution to this problem. You can accomplish this by turning off the device’s power source and waiting 15 to 20 seconds. Then restart it to see if the error has been fixed. If this doesn’t work, you should speak with a professional because it might need to be replaced.

Error 3E

This error code denotes a high-temperature issue. This error code indicates that the machine’s water temperature is excessive. The first step in fixing this problem is to make sure the water temperature is adjusted lower than 79 degrees Celsius. You should speak with a Samsung specialist if the setting is correct.

Error 4C/4E

A problem with the water supply is indicated by this code. If there is no water in the dishwasher tub six minutes after the cycle begins, this code will be shown on the screen. This error code frequently denotes a problem with the water inlet valve. You must ensure that the water supply cut-off valve is fully open in order to troubleshoot this. Next, make sure the inlet valve screen is not obstructed or broken. In addition, make sure the wiring is in good condition and linked to the valve properly. If the problem persists, you might have to replace the water entry valve.

Error 5C/5E/SC/SE

This error code denotes a water not draining problem. This error code indicates that your dishwasher’s water is draining excessively slowly or not at all. You must check the sink connection, drain, drainage hose, filter, and sump pump in order to resolve this issue. You must completely clear any clogged components. You might need to replace any damaged parts if the problem persists.

Error 7E

This error code denotes a waterwall reflector problem. This error happens when the waterwall reflector is immobile or blocked. Check that the reflector has been installed correctly to troubleshoot this problem. If your machine is brand-new, make sure all of the packaging tape has been taken off because this is a regular problem.

Error  9E

This code denotes a low water level issue. When there is insufficient water in the dishwasher, this error happens. The best approach to resolve this issue is to confirm that your dishwasher is level and that all of the wires are in good condition and properly attached. If the wiring harness or water level sensor are broken, you might need to replace them.





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