Samsung Refrigerator Beeps 11 Times | How To Fix ?

Samsung Refrigerator That Beeps 11 Times | How To Fix ?

The side beeps started coming from my Samsung. The beep is the same sound when we leave the doors open. However the refrigerator beeps 11 times when the doors are closed. The light in the freezer section is not working and the temperature on the control panel changes continuously. What is the reason to beep the refrigerator 11 times with closed doors?samsung refrigerator alarm codes

How to fix a samsung Refrigerator

Samsung Refrigerator Beeps 11 Times How To Fix
Samsung Refrigerator Beeps 11 Times How To Fix,samsung refrigerator alarm codes,samsung refrigerator beeps 10 times

A Samsung model RH25h5611SR refrigerator that beeps 11 times means a door has been left open for too long.or The switch that closes the door has an issue and thinks the door is open so the beeping continues even with the refrigerator door closed. If this is your issue, the part released here is called the read switch. Continue reading below Make sure you have all the reasons a Samsung Refrigerator beeps before replacing any parts.

How to change samsung Refrigerator door (reed) switch

Quick fix for beeping refrigerator: Unplug Samsung refrigerator from power outlet. Wait for 5 minutes and plug the refrigerator back. This can fix the beep because a quick reset can help.

What issues can cause a Samsung refrigerator to beep?

  1. The refrigerator or freezer door is left open
  2. Reed switch is faulty
  3. Doors are not sealed properly
  4. Doors are not properly aligned on the frame
  5. need to change the water filter
  6. Sudden temperature change
  7. Warning in high temperature freezer or Refrigerator
  8. Water filter is full
  9. Ice Maker Issue
  10. Water dispenser issues
  11. Front refrigerator legs do not adjust properly
  12. Some Fault / Error Code

What could be the reason to beep the refrigerator 11 times?

If the doors are open or closed the reed switch is “SENS”. The reed switch is activated when the magnet in the door reaches close to the switch. The magnetic field closes the switch and tells the refrigerator that the doors are closed. The reed switch is open when the door is open, and the door is closed.

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Samsung American Refrigerator Freezer Door Alarm Fixed!

Where is the reed switch located?

There is a cap above the refrigerator that covers the hinge. This hinge connects the freezer door to the main body of the Refrigerator. This is the area where the reed switch is located.

How to test read switch?

Use a strong magnet and slide it along the front part of the hinge cap on the side where the freezer door touches it when the door is closed. If the light turns on the magnet in the door, it is most likely the issue.

If moving the magnet does not get the light to turn on, you should remove the hinge cap and check the connectors. Ensure that the reed switch is attached to the front of the hinge cap. There are 2 wires that go to the read switch. Check the wires to ensure that they are secure and not damaged. If the connections look secure, the reed switch can cause problems with the beep of the Refrigerator 11 times at most. Remove and Change the read switch.

Other issues that can cause beeping and lights not to work (if the bulbs are known to be in working order) are faulty wiring inside the refrigerator or the main PCB board is faulty.

Refrigerator beeping – Samsung says:

  • Ensure that the doorway is free of obstruction
  • Ensure there are no items in the refrigerator, preventing the door from closing
  • If the rubber door seals are dirty, the door will not close properly
  • Clean the doors with mild detergent and damp cloth
  • Then wipe with a dry cloth

Still need help? Here is Samsung service and support –

Do you have issues with your Samsung refrigerator beeping or is the lights inside the freezer section or refrigerator section not working? Please inform us of the model number of your Samsung refrigerator and we can help. Put your question in the comments section below and we can help.

how to reset samsung fridge

Holding the “power freeze” and “power cool” buttons and for five seconds at the same time works on most Samsung models. These two buttons appear on most Samsung refrigerators. Holding both at the same time for several seconds will usually reset the fridge.

how to reset samsung fridge

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