Samsung Washer UR Code How to Fix It

Samsung Washer UR Code How to Fix It Step By Step

Samsung Washer Ur Code  Since 1993, Washing Machine Manufacturers Samsung have been an established and reputable global brand. Although they have a reputation for being dependable, occasionally an error code may appear. Fortunately, the UR error code is one of the most frequently seen, and its root cause is frequently a straightforward problem.

Samsung Washer Ur Code
Samsung Washer Ur Code

Why Do UR Error Codes Occur?

The washer is detecting an unbalanced load of laundry when it displays a UR error code. In some cases, a UE error code may be shown on Samsung washers. Huge, heavy materials that end up on one side of the washer or tangled in the agitator are the most frequent causes of the error. Examples include large towels or bathmats. A surface that is uneven or a problem with the drive belt are two additional potential reasons of the problem.

How To Resolve The Problem

Mismatched laundry load

Unbalanced drums in washers are often the result of either too much or not enough washing. The problem could be brought on by overloading the washer with too many things. The error code should go away after removing a few things.

As was previously noted, the UR code is frequently caused by big, heavy products. It should be possible to resolve the problem by untangling, redistributing, or adding additional items to balance out the burden.

Shoes laces or clothing with strings that get stuck in the drum or agitator might also result in an error. Use a bag that can be washed in the machine, or tie the strings so they can’t tangle with the washer’s agitator, to prevent this from happening.

The issue should be fixed and the cycle of the washer will continue after the load weight has been rebalanced.

Disparate Surface

The washer’s uneven floor positioning is one of the less common reasons of the UR error code. Make sure the washer is level if you just installed it or if you just moved into a new home. The best approach to check for this problem is with a level, however you might also be able to see it by visual inspection. Make the washer’s legs adjustable with a wrench and a level to resolve the problem.

Unresponsive Control Module

To run the washer, an electronic signal is sent and received by the control module. Sometimes the electronic controller has a problem and incorrectly detects an unbalanced load error when there isn’t one, leading to the UR error code. It should be possible to resolve the problem by resetting the washer by cutting off its power for ten minutes.
You’ll probably need to change the controller if the problem keeps happening and you’re convinced there isn’t another reason.

Belt Drive

In the washer, the tub is turned by the driving belt. You can get the UR error code if the drive belt has grown slack, is sliding, or is damaged. The problem will be apparent during the spin cycle when the tub will struggle to turn and the washer may notice that the tub is out of balance. If the drive belt is destroyed, these symptoms will be present. You might be able to tighten the drive belt or you might have to replace it to solve the problem.

Depending on the washer you have, you can access the drive belt. There may be an access panel to remove on the top, front, or back. Usually, in order to remove the front panel of a top-loading washer, you must first unscrew the control panel.

Steps for inspecting and repairing the drive belt

  • Disconnect the washer from the power source and switch off the water supply.
  • Depending on the washer type, remove the pertinent access panel (s).
  • Examine the drive belt for any signs of damage, slippage, or looseness. When the belt is pressed down with your thumb, you can determine if it is too loose. If it is not tightly enough, you can easily acquire more than a 1/2 inch.
  • Tightening the mounting nut allows you to tighten the belt. Probably too worn and in need of replacement if the belt won’t tighten.
  • If you elect to replace the drive belt, crank the tub drive pulley and the belt should come off.
  • To put on a new drive belt, wrap one end of the new belt around the motor pulley and set the other end on the tub drive pulley. In order to fix the new drive belt, turn the tub drive pulley. A wire tie or a drive belt installation tool can be purchased to assist with drive belt installation.

Alternative Reasons

The following components should be examined and replaced if discovered to be problematic if the drive belt is not the problem.

Engine Brushes

The spin cycle’s magnetic field is generated by the washer motor brushes. To examine and replace the motor brushes, the washer motor must be taken apart.


The bearings guarantee the drum turns without interruption. They may degrade with time, leading to the UR error code. The bearings are at fault when there is a grinding sound or excessive shaking.

Hall Sensor/Tachometer

The number of revolutions the tub makes is managed by the hall sensor or tachometer. You’ll need to replace it if it’s broken.

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