Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes | Solution

Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes

Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes
Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes

Samsung washing System getting an blunders code? Here is information so one can assist you in figuring out what can be making your Samsung washer show an errors code. Identifying what the mistake or fault code is will assist you to repair your washer. The Samsung precise errors fault codes beneath are to provide you an concept as to what part is at fault. You may should do similarly troubleshooting to find what can be causing the fault for that precise part.
Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes  Error Identifiers
Samsung Washing Machine Fault Codes
(Newer Model Number Samsung Front Load Washers)

dL The door turned into unlocked even as the washing machine was running

dS The door became opened at the same time as the washing machine turned into running

d5 The door become opened at the same time as the washer became running

FL The washing machine did not lock the door

Hr Washer temperature control problem
Heater Relay Failure (on major PCB)

LO The door will now not unlock

5E or SE Washing system has failed to drain the water

4E Water fill time out

ND Water Does Not Drain From Washer

NF Water fill time out = No Fill

dE Washing device door detected as being open

UE Washing System has detected an imbalanced load

DC Washing System has imbalanced load and will not spin

3E Motor Drive Error or Hall Sensor Error

bE Motor brief mistakes

OE Washing system has detected an overfill situation

LE Water leak – Excessive SUDS – Bad water stage switch

HE Water heating errors detected

tE Water heating sensor (thermistor) blunders detected

IE Water level sensor fault

CE Abnormal water temperature detected

E1 Not filling in allocated time

E2 Pump won’t empty – not draining

E3 Overflow – overfilling with water

E4 Out Of Balance (OOB) detected

E5 Water temp rising or falling too quickly

E6 Water temp rising or falling too quickly

E7 Pressure switch

E8 Temp too high on low temp washes

E9 Water leak, Water degree has reduced

EA Motor generator blunders

EB Motor mistakes

EC Thermistor

ED Door Open

Error code Error code interpretation Probable malfunction of the showering system

Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes

Does not drain water from the system
The drain hose is clogged.
Litter in the sewer.
The hoses inside the device are clogged.
The drain pump clear out (drain filter) is clogged.
The drain hose is bent or squeezed.
The drain pump does now not work.
The water in the system froze (CM changed into stored at minus temperature)

Water does now not warm up
Incorrectly related the gadget to the mains.
The heater does no longer work.
The heater (TEN) does no longer work.

Do now not pour water into the system
The water deliver tap for the gadget is closed or there may be no water inside the house.
The water inlet hose is bent or compressed.
Clogged filter-mesh.
The protection of the water inlet hose “Aqua Stop” has worked.
4C2 Hot water is poured into the system – above 50 ° C The water inlet hose is connected to the recent water tap.
5D (SD
There is an excessive amount of foam within the tank
Put an excessive amount of powder.
Put a powder that isn’t appropriate for the machine‘s gadget gun system.
A substandard or counterfeit powder was put.

The machine cannot flippantly distribute things in the drum
There are few things in the car: one or two.
The underwear were given right into a heap or twisted together.
There is too much underwear inside the car.

The system spontaneously drains the water. The water spontaneously drains from the gadget
The drain hose lies low.
The drain hose become not well related to the sewer.
There is a hollow or crack within the tank, from which water flow

Motor overloaded, blocked by foreign object or broken
Overload of the motor due to a large amount of laundry.
The motor does now not work.

Unstable voltage inside the mains (too low or high) The device is powered by much less than 200 +/- 4 Volts, or above 250 +/- four Volts for greater than 30 seconds

The hatch door is not closed
The door of the hatch isn’t closed properly.
The mechanism for remaining the hatch door does no longer work.
DС3 The door “Add Door” (for added loading of laundry for the duration of the bathing process) isn’t closed or opens
Before beginning the wash, the door “Add Door” become no longer closed.
Do no longer open / unencumber the door.
DDC The “Add Door” door turned into opened incorrectly (for additional loading of laundry) in the course of washing. The “Add Door” door was opened throughout washing without urgent the “Start / Pause” button.

At the lowest of the machine hit the water
The drain clear out runs (now not closed or damaged).
Water flows out of the hopper (container) for the powder.
Internal connecting hoses or drain hose run.
Water runs out of the door (cuff is damaged).

No signal from the temperature sensor The sensor or its wiring is damaged.

Too plenty water in the car
The drain hose isn’t always correctly linked to the sewer.
The valve for water filling blocked inside the open state.

No signal from the water stage sensor The sensor or its wiring is damaged.

The buttons / button on the manage panel do no longer work. The plastic buttons on the manipulate panel are “stuck”.

Communication error There isn’t any sign between the manipulate cards.

The water temperature earlier than discharge is better than or same to 55 ° C The water inlet hose is connected to the new water tap.

Vibration sensor “VRT +” does not work. The sensor or its wiring is damaged.
EE Drying temperature sensor does no longer work (appears simplest in machines with drying function) The sensor or its wiring is damaged.

Fan / dryer drying does not work (appears most effective in machines with drying function) Fan / dryer drying does not work.
SDC Automatic dispenser does not work (appears best for machines with Wi-Fi function) Automatic dispenser does now not work.
6C The drive or wiring of the automated dispenser is faulty (appears best for machines with Wi-Fi function) The drive or wiring of the automatic dispenser does no longer work.

Remaining time before the give up of washing More than 99 minutes earlier than the quit of washing (2H – 2 hours, 3H – three hours, etc.).
Hot High temperature within the drum (appears handiest for machines with drying function) The temperature within the drum is above 70 ° C.

A0 … A9/B0/C0/D0/E0
The factory check mode is on. The factory check mode is on.

The “Calibration” mode is started. The “Calibration” mode is started.
PoF During the bathingenergy turned into reduce off (an error happens after strength is supplied). During washing, the energy changed into became off.
BC The system can’t begin the motor The triac (triac) of the motor rotation is not working.


Here are errors codes for Bosch, Frigidaire, GE,Hotpoint, Kenmore, Amana, Ariston, Asko, Ardo , Candy, Beko,  LG, Maytag, Samsung, and Whirlpool washers.

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