Shoe Size Conversion Chart from Other Countries

How to Change Shoe Size from Other Countries? Men’s and women’s shoe size conversion chart

Men’s and women’s shoe size conversion table. Sometimes it can be difficult to buy shoes from different countries because the shoe size uses a different measurement. The shoe size differs for the United States, Britain and Europe. For example: Suppose you want to buy a good pair of sneakers for a man on Amazon. The size of the men says that 43 is the size of the shoes. How do you know how to match the number of shoe sizes according to your needs? If the sneakers I want are 43, it would mean that it is using the Europe Sizing Chart and the men’s shoe size in the USA is 9. You can find out all this using the chart below.

Shoe size conversion chart

What if you want your wife or girlfriend to buy a pair of 7.5 women’s shoes online from the United States (which will fit her) but the size says men’s 9. If you bought a men’s shoe size 9, then They will fit him as he is 7.5 in size. American Female Size.
The purpose of this page is to show you how to understand and match shoe sizes from other countries that do not use the same shoe size measurements as your country.

There is approximately 1.5 diffusion sizes between women’s and men’s shoe sizes.

Example: Men’s shoe size is equal to 9 women’s shoe size 10.5.

Note: When you change the sizes the width of the shoe remains the same. If you wear mens C width, it will remain the same for women C width.

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Shoe size conversion table

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Shoe size chart

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