Voltas Ac Error Codes | Q&A | Solution | Repairing

voltas ac error code

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Voltas Ac Error Codes | Q&A | Solution | Repairing

EE Error Display, Problem:-Indoor Machine EE Fault

E0 Error Display, Problem:-outdoor EE faults

E1 Error Display, Problem:-indoor fan faults

E2 Error Display, Problem:-indoor fan zero-crossing detection abnormal

E3 Error Display, Problem:-Indoor Coil Fault and Sensor Fault

E4 Error Display, Problem:-indoor ambient temperature sensor fault (voltas ac error code e4)

E5 Error Display, Problem:-Fan Operation Error

E6 Error Display, Problem:-Indoor and outdoor machine communication faults

E8 Error Display, Problem:-outdoor communication fault

F1 Error Display, Problem:-compressor abnormal start

F2 Error Display, Problem:-compressor out of step fault

F3 Error Display, Problem:-IPM Module Fault

F4 Error Display, Problem:-Compressor Shell Roof Malfunction / Safety

F5 Error Display, Problem:-discharge temperature sensor fault

F6 Error Display, Problem:-segment temperature sensor defect

F7 Error Display, Problem:-outdoor coil temperature sensor fault

F8 Error Display, Problem:-outdoor ambient temperature sensor faults

F9 Error Display, Problem:-outdoor DC fan fault

P1 Error Display, Problem:-Outdoor Machine AC Current Protection

P2 Error Display, Problem:-Compressor Phase Current Protection

P3 Error Display, Problem:-outdoor unit over- or high-low AC voltage protection

P4 Error Display, Problem:-DC voltage over-high or over-low voltage protection

P5 Error Display, Problem:-IPM ultra-high temperature protection

P6 Error Display, Problem:-discharge temperature over-heat protection

P7 Error Display, Problem:-cooling indoor coil anti-freezing protection

P8 Error Display, Problem:-cooling outdoor coil overheat protection

P9 Error Display, Problem:-heating overheats indoor coil protection

PC Error Display, Problem:-cooling low protection at outdoor ambient temperature

PH Error Display, Problem:-heating outdoor high temperature protection at high temperature

L1 Error Display, Problem:-drive bus voltage over-protection

L2 Error Display, Problem:-drive voltage at low protection

L3 Error Display, Problem:-drive phase current overload fault

L4 Error Display, Problem:-phase current sealing abnormal

U1 Error Display, Problem:-IPM over current protection

U3 Error Display, Problem:-Compressor Over Current Protection

U4 Error Display, Problem:-Over Voltage Protection

U5 Error Display, Problem:-Low Voltage Protection

U7 Error Display, Problem:-Over Speed ​​Protection

Voltas Inverter AC Error Codes

E1 Error Display, Problem:-indoor unit room temperature sensor problem

E2 Error Display, Problem:-indoor unit pipe temperature sensor

E3 Error Display, Problem:-PG motor trouble

E5 Error Display, Problem:-wired controller communication failure

 E6 Error Display, Problem:-indoor unit error EEpro

1E Error Display, Problem:-trouble and outdoor unit room temperature sensor

2E Error Display, Problem:-outdoor unit pipe temperature sensor

3E Error Display, Problem:-exhaust sensor problem

4E Error Display, Problem:-indoor unit error (outdoor unit). Replace outdoor unit module board

8E Error Display, Problem:-PFC troubles. Replace outdoor unit module board

H1 Error Display, Problem:-Automatic Defrosting

H3 Error Display, Problem:-Stop for Compressor Overload Protection

H4 Error Display, Problem:-Overload Protection

H5 Error Display, Problem:-Stop for IPM Module Security

H6 Error Display, Problem:-PG motor does not operate (indoor fan motor)

HC Error Display, Problem:-PFC Overcurrent Malfunction

L9 Error Display, Problem:-High protection of power

LP Error Display, Problem:-Indoor and Outdoor units match with each other

PH Error Display, Problem:-high voltage protection

PL Error Display, Problem:-low voltage protection

C5 Error Display, Problem:-jumper cap malfunction

How do I reset my Voltas AC?

Here are the necessary steps to reset your AC thermostat.

  • Turn off your AC on the thermostat.
  • Locate your circuit breaker box.
  • Reset the circuit breaker for your AC unit.
  • Wait 30 seconds. 
  • Turn the AC thermostat back on. 
  • Call Vredivogged heating and cooling for all your furnaces and AC needs.

What is h3 error in voltas split ac?

For all of the above errors, shut down the power unit for 30 minutes and then restart. H3 – Compressor overload protection error. E8 – Overload malfunction error. H3 and E8 errors can occur when units are operating in a high humidity / high temperature environment.

What is E1 error in Voltas AC?

The E1 code is an error code that appears on the LED temperature display of some digital air conditioners. Error codes can mean a device connected to your thermostat that detects room temperature, from dirty air filters to a damaged room thermistor.

How do I fix Voltas Split AC E6 error?

Steps to troubleshoot and fix E6 code

  • First check the voltage on the external unit.
  • Check the voltage on the inside unit.
  • Check communication signal wiring between inside and outside units for poor connections or an open wire.

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voltas ac error code list

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