Washing Machine Lid Switch How To Fix

Washing Machine Lid Switch Fixing A Simple DIY Project.

Washing Machine Lid Switch If the lid switch on your washing machine is broken, you’ll need to get a new one. When you open the lid of your washer, look for the model number on the front or inside of the cabinet. If you know your washing machine’s model number, you may buy the exact lid switch assembly and repair it yourself, saving money.

Washing Machine Lid Switch
How to Replace a Washing Machine Lid Switch

WARNING: Washing machines can break down for a number of reasons. One of the most common problems is a damaged washing machine lid switch.


Test of the Lid Switch

How can I tell if the lid switch on my washing machine is broken?
If your Kenmore or Whirlpool washer isn’t spinning or draining, look for a broken lid switch.

What Is The Location Of The Lid Switch On A Washer?

The lid switch is located directly beneath the washer lid. The strike on the washer lid activates the lid switch on the washing machine. When the lid is closed, this strike activates the washer lid switch.

What Is The Purpose Of A Lid Switch On A Washing Machine?

The strike is a plastic or metal object that appears when you open the lid of a washing machine. The strike is linked to the washer’s lid from below. (Check to see if this strike is loose or missing.) When you close the washing machine lid, the strike goes through a hole in the top washer cabinet. When you close the lid, it presses down on the lid switch, which sends an electrical signal to the washer, allowing it to run normally. Lid Lock Flashing information can be found here.

If the lid is left open for safety concerns, this feature prevents the washing tub from agitating or spinning. If your washer does not agitate or spin while the lid is closed, replace the lid switch. Replacing the lid switch is a simple and cost-effective technique that is preferable to consulting an appliance technician.

Washing Machine Lid Switch
Switch For The Lid Of The Washing Machine

What Is The Price Of A Lid Switch?

Depending on whether you obtain an OEM part or a third-party part, a lid switch replacement can cost anywhere from $10 to $30. Always attempt to purchase an OEM part for your washer because they are more reliable and will last longer than a less expensive part. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a term that refers to a company that

Where Can I Get a Lid Switch Replacement?

The lid switch can be made of a variety of materials, including metal, depending on the type. Most replacement components can be acquired online or at local appliance parts retailers in any case. Check to confirm if the part you’re ordering is compatible with your washing machine’s make and model.

What Is The Best Way To Replace A Washer Lid Switch?

For this repair, you should gather your equipment and a new lid switch ahead of time. Before disconnecting the washing machine from the wall, be sure it is switched off and the power is turned off. Removing the washing machine from the wall may make it easier to manoeuvre because you’ll need to be able to reach all sides of the washer to remove the top component.

  • Turn off the washer’s power.

Confirm that the electrical supply has been turned off and that the washing machine is not receiving power.

  • Remove the washer’s top.

Remove any screws or bolts keeping the lid switch in place before removing the top of the washing machine. Make a mental note of where each screw or bolt went so that putting it back together is a breeze. It’s possible that some screws or nuts are different sizes. Lift up on the top of the washer after the screws or bolts have been removed, and it should come off with some tilting and angling. Take care not to rip out any of the wiring that runs from the top to the bottom of the washer.

  • Disconnect and reconnect the lid switch

Find the broken lid switch. The screws that keep the lid switch in place must be removed. The lid switch will have wires linked to it. Disconnect the wire harness from the lid switch with care. Remove the faulty lid switch and replace it by locking it in place and connecting the wires to the washer. If your replacement lid switch came with screws to hold it in place, make sure you use the correct length and diameter screws or bolts to secure it.

  • Place the washer’s top in place.

Place the washer lid back into place once the lid switch is correctly connected. Make sure it’s properly seated in the washer. Reinstall the screws or bolts you removed earlier to secure it.

  • Put Your Washer Through Its Paces

Replace the washer in its original position. Make sure the water is switched on and all connections on the rear of the washer are secure. Connect the washing machine to the power source. To make sure the lid switch is working, run a test wash.

Do you have any queries regarding how to use a washer lid switch? We can assist you! Leave a comment with your problem and your model number, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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