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Type of Refrigerant Compressor

Type of Refrigerant Compressor Reciprocating Compressors: Type of Refrigerant Compressors, Compressors in which vapor refrigerant is rotated by the piston forward and backward is called the piston speed. These compressors are used for refrigerants with relatively low volumes per kilogram and a large differential pressure, such as ammonia, R-12,22, and methyl chloride. Reciprocating compressors are

What is Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Air conditioning, control of temperature, humidity, purity and wind speed in an enclosed space, independent of outdoor conditions. एक कमरे या कार में एक Air Conditioner (A/C) एक दिए गए स्थान से hote को इकट्ठा करके काम करता है, इसे ठंडी हवा को उसी स्थान पर छोड़ने के लिए संसाधित करता है जहां