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Hitachi air conditioner error codes| Solution

Hitachi ac error code|Solution Hitachi ac error Code: -01 Abnormality: activating safety device (float switch) Main reasons: – Fan motor failure, drain discharge, PCB, relay, float switch activated. Error Code: -02 Abnormality: – Activation of protection device (high pressure reduction) Main reasons: – Activation of PSH in power supply phase, shut down motor, abnormal operation.

Error List of Air Conditioning

Error List of Air Conditioning   System UO-Scarcity of Refrigerant Lack of refrigerant and refrigerant clogging (incorrect piping) Faulty thermistor Faulty Low Pressure Sensor Faulty outdoor unit main PCB U1-reverse phase,Open phase Power supply reverse phase t phase open phase Defective Outdoor Unit PCB (A1P) U2-Malfunction Power supply or instantaneous power failure Abnormal power supply

Daikin AC Error Code| Fault diagnosis by remote controller

Daikin AC Error Code | Fault diagnosis by remote controller OUT DOOR UNIT Daikin AC Error Code H0-Malfunction Compressor’s sensor system H1-room malfunction Temperature sensor or humidifier unit dumper H2-Malfunction Power supply sensor H3-high malfunction Pressure Switch (HPS) H4-less malfunction Pressure Switch (LPS) H5-Malfunction Compressor motor overload Thermistor H6-Malfunction Position detection sensor H7-Malfunction Outdoor unit

Daikin Error Solution | AC ERROR CODES

Daikin Error Solution | DAIKIN AC ERROR CODES Daikin Error Solution IN DOOR UNIT A0 -External Security Device Active A1 -indoor unit pcb malfunction A2 ————————————————- – A3 -Drain Level Control System A4 -old protection malfunction A5 -high pressure control in heating, freeze-up safety control in cooling A6 -fan motor malfunction A7 -swing flap motor