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Gree AC Error Troubleshooting E5 Error Code

If you facing an Gree AC Error E5 Error in your Gree air conditioner it totally means that the compressor getting overload. When we start the air conditioner, the Overload Protection Switch will turn off all the load except the 4way valve if the current is abnormal. In this situation, Overload Protection Switch immediately gives the

Universal Remote Codes List

We recently purchased a universal remote control for an additional bedroom and need to find a remote code to control our existing Sanyo TV and Toshiba DVD player. We have finished searching many websites and still do not know the code list we need. So we used multiple sources and assembled universal remote control 3

heat load calculation formula | Building| Hotel| Home

Heat load or heat gain heat load calculation formula, A building or room receives heat from many sources. Inside, computers, copiers, machinery, and light all produce heat. Hot air from outside enters the structure though through open doors and windows or as a leak ‘outside’. However the biggest source of heat is solar radiation from

What is Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Compressor

What is Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Compressor What is Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Compressor, An air conditioner is a component in the comp. system that increases the temperature and pressure of the vapor refrigerant which leaves the evaporator coil. Its important is that the compressor increases the pressure of the vapor refrigerant so that it