Sharp AC Error Codes | Troubleshooting

Sharp AC Error Codes

Sharp AC Error Codes
Sharp AC Error Codes

Sharp AC  Error code problem

EE buttons are off

E0 water pump malfunction

High Pressure Protection of E1 Compressor

E2 anti-frozen of compressor

Low Pressure Protection of E3 Compressor

Discharge of high temperature protection of E4 air compressor

Overload protection of E5 compressor

E6 Transmitted Malfunction

E8 Indoor Fan Protection

E9 water flow protection

FF Connected Control Communication Failure

F0 malfunction of indoor environmental sensor on air return vent

F1 evaporator sensor malfunction

F2 condenser sensor malfunction

F3 outdoor environmental sensor malfunction

F4 air discharge sensor malfunction

Environmental sensor malfunction on F5 display

ee outdoor drive memory chip malfunction. Outdoor drive board.

H3 compressor over load protection. Compressor overload switch.

H4 overload protection. Evaporator Temperature, Condenser Temperature.

H6 outdoor fan motor malfunction. Outdoor fan motor.

Replacing U7 direction 4-way valve malfunction.

P6 Communicatio n malfunction between main control and drive.

EE malfunction of outdoor main control memory chip. Outdoor Main Control Board.

ES: If this display reads “ES” or “AS”, a sensor has failed. Contact your authorized fast service center.Sharp AC Error Codes

Sharp AC Error Code

Sharp AC Error Code


1. If the PT is restarted immediately after a stop the air conditioner does not run.

To protect the air conditioner on immediate restart after a stop, the microcomputer controller will delay the unit for 3 minutes before the air conditioner will run.


2. The air conditioner ejects bad odor when it is initially there.

The air conditioner itself has no bad smell. If a bad smell has accumulated from the environment, clean the airfilter.


3. You can hear the “water is flowing” noise.

Sometimes you can hear a loud sound of fluid when the air conditioner is started, or the compressor turns on or turns off while running or the air conditioner is turned off. This is not a mistake – this sound is cold off.


4. When the air conditioner is running under cooling mode, a thin mist will come out of the outlet.

This can happen when the indoor temperature and humidity are high. This is because the indoor air quickly cools down. After a period of time, the fog will disappear with the decrease in indoor temperature and humidity.


5. You may hear a slight hoarse sound when the air conditioner is on or off.

It is the sound of friction due to expansion and / or contraction of the panel or other parts due to temperature changes.


6. Unit will not run

Is the power turned off? Is the circuit breaker device switched off? Is the timer used correctly? Are the wiring or connections damaged? P


7. Cooling (heating) efficiency is not good.

Is temporary. Suitable setting? Are the inlet and outlet vents obstructed? Are the windows and doors closed? Does the following speed have fa n n speed_set? Does too much dust accumulate and obstruct the filter?


8. As long as the remote control is not working.

Check that there is no magnetic or electrical interference near the main unit that may affect the operation of the controller.


6.Water dripping or leaking from indoor unit.

Air humidity is on the higher side. Condensed water is overflowing. The connection of the indoor unit drainage pipe has been loosened.


10.Noise from indoor unit.

The fan or compressor relay switch is on or off. When defrosting is started or stopped, there is a sound of cold flow in the opposite direction.


11. Moisture on air outlet vent

If the unit is operating under high humidity for a long time, the moisture on the air outlet grill will condense and may drip.

Sharp Air Conditioner Remote Control
Sharp Air Conditioner Remote Control

Sharp AC Error Codes Main board dual 8 digit tube display code for outdoor unit of 09 ~ 48k

Malfunction items    indoor-outdoor unit display

Dc busbar over voltage protection ph

IPM or PFC over-temperature protection P8

Current Meaning Circuit Error Pc

IPM or PFC temperature sensor error P7

Compressor Current Protection P5

DC busbar under-voltage protection pl

Compressor Startup Failure Lc

Drive module reset P0

Synchronizing compressor motor H7

Phase loss ld

Drive-to-main-control communication error P6

Ipm security h5

Compressor Overload Protection H3

AC current protection (input side) PA

Charging circuit error pu

PFC Protection HC (48k only)

DC fan error H6

Input ac voltage abnormality PP

Driving board memory chip error ee (09-42k)

Hitachi ac error code|Solution

Carrier AC Error Code

Error: View 4f58b9e0tp may not exist

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