Daikin AC Error Code| Fault diagnosis by remote controller

Daikin AC Error Code | Fault diagnosis by remote controller

Daikin AC Error Codes
Daikin AC Error Codes

OUT DOOR UNIT Daikin AC Error Code

H0-Malfunction Compressor’s sensor system

H1-room malfunction Temperature sensor or humidifier unit dumper

H2-Malfunction Power supply sensor

H3-high malfunction Pressure Switch (HPS)

H4-less malfunction Pressure Switch (LPS)

H5-Malfunction Compressor motor overload Thermistor

H6-Malfunction Position detection sensor

H7-Malfunction Outdoor unit fan motor indication

H8-Malfunction Compressor Input (CT) System

H9-Malfunction Outside air thermometer

HA-Malfunction Discharge air Thermistor

HC-Malfunction (hot) Water temperature Thermistor

HE-Major drainage Water level sensor

HF-Alarm in Thermal Storage unit or storage controller

HH-high room Temperature alarm

HJ-Malfunction Thermal storage tank water level

J0-Miswiring of Thermistor

J1-Malfunction pressure sensor

J2-Malfunction Compressor Current Sensor

J3-Malfunction Discharge pipe Thermistor

J4-less malfunction Pressure equal saturated temperature sensor system

J5-Malfunction Suction pipe Thermistor

J6-Malfunction Heat Exchanger Thermistor

J7-Malfunction Thermistor (refrigerant circuit)

J8-Malfunction Thermistor (refrigerant circuit)

J9-Malfunction Thermistor (refrigerant circuit)

JA-Malfunction of high pressure sensor

JC-less malfunction pressure sensor Oil failure Pressure sensor or sub-tank Thermistor

JF-Malfunction Oil level sensor or heating heat Exchanger Thermistor

JH-Malfunction Oil temperature Thermistor

JJ– Malfunction Engine room temperature Sensor or exit Temperature

L0-Inverter system malfunction

L 1-Inverter pcb malfunction

L3-El.compo. Box temperature rise

L4-Inverter radiation fin temperature rise malfunction

L5-Inverter instantaneous overcrack (DC output)

L6-Inverter instantaneous overcrack (AC output)

L7-Total input overcrout

L8-overcroft Inverter compressor malfunction

L9-Malfunction of the Inverter compressor startup error (stall prevention)

LA-transistor of power transistor

LC-Control line of transmission between the control and Inverter PCB – malfunction

LE-Malfunction of ignorance system

LF-engine startup error

LH-generator converter malfunction

LJ-stop engine

P0-scarcity Refrigerant (thermal storage unit)

P1-power voltage Imbalance or Inverter pcb

P2 automatic Refrigerant charge stop operation

P3 malfunction Thermistor in switch box

P4-malfunction Radiation Fin Temperature Sensor

P5-DC malfunction current sensor

P6-malfunction AC or DC output current sensor

P7-malfunction Total input current sensor

P8-heat Exchanger Freezing protection during automatic refrigerant charge

P9 automatic Refrigerant charge operation complete

PA-Refrigerant Cylinder During automatic refrigerant charge

PC-Refrigerant Cylinder During automatic refrigerant charge

PE– automatic Refrigerant in-charge operation almost complete

PF malfunction Starter activation

PH-Refrigerant Cylinder During automatic refrigerant charge

PJ-Unreasonable Combination between Inverter and fan driver

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