What is the Muslim population in India

What is the Muslim population in India

Muslims constitute around 16% of the Indian population as of June 2018. when we talk on the issue of that What is the Muslim population in India There are 226 million Muslims in a national population of 1,405 million. Over 85% of Indian Muslims are Sunni, 14% are Twelver Shi’a and 1% are other sects (Ismaili, Nizari, Ahmedi etc).

Satae wise Muslim Population in India:

Jammu&Kashmir is the sole Muslim-majority Indian state with 70% Muslim population (98% in Kashmir).

Assam (36%),

Bengal (29%),

Kerala (28%),

Uttar Pradesh (21%),

Bihar (18%),

Jharkhand (16%),

Uttarakhand (15%)

have large concentrations of Muslim population. Uttar Pradesh has the largest number of Muslims at close to 50 million, followed by Bengal with 31 million and Bihar with 22 million.

As per 2011 census, 14.23% of India’s population is Muslim.

This census is 7 years old, and as per 2001 census, percentage of Muslims was 13.42%.

If we extrapolate the 2011 census data to 2018, even by linear progression, the percentage today would be ~ 16%.

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