AmeriCool Air Conditioner Error Codes


AmeriCool Air Conditioner Error Codes

AmeriCool Inc., a major manufacturer of portable air conditioners, is introducing a new product from a range of small commercial air conditioners WMC-2500
Since April 2013, the California company has released five new portable air conditioning devices. AmeriCool Inc. introduced even more innovative air conditioning technology at the beginning of the season. As Mike Paulson stated, the president “We are very excited to be able to market our new development.”
This versatile device can be located in a variety of locations, can be fixed to the ceiling, can be in a computer rack in your data center, can stand on the shop floor, or refresh workers in the factory floor is.The versatility of this air conditioner allows the device to be installed in the place where it is most needed. By the way, these conditioners are ideal for use in data centers.AmeriCool Air Conditioner Error Codes

What distinguishes AmeriCool, the commercial portable air conditioner, from competitors – is therefore regular noticeable updates in response to customer feedback and demand. According to the company’s president, AmeriCool Inc. offers a guarantee that includes not only spare parts, but also labor, making the offer one of the best in the industry. Customers like the ability to move these compact air conditioners quickly, as well as the automatic restart function.

AmeriCool Portable Air Conditioner Error Code HPC & WPC Series

Error display = 1C
Problem – Frost prevalence on sensors and abnormal temperature Sensor
Reason – India heat exchanger temperature is too low
TH3 tem. sensor loose/broken connection
Action – Do not use the air conditioner in the surroundings if
Temperature is below 18 degrees celsius
Contact a property service agent

Error Display = P5
Problem – refrigerant high pressure switch
Reason Block Air Filter/duct
Ambient temperature is too high
Action – Clean air. Lter
exhaust duct blocked / kinked
Do not use air conditioner if the ambient temperature is more than 45 degrees celsius

Error Display = 51
Problem = abnormal temperature sensor value

Error Display = 52
Problem = abnormal temperature sensor value
Reason = TH2 (inlet) temperature sensor loose/broken
Action = Contact a Quality Adv Service Agent

Error Display = C0
Problem = Compressor overload
Reason – the ambient temperature is too high
Unstable voltage supply
Faulty compressor
Action – Do not use air conditioner if the ambient temperature is more than 45 degrees celsius
– Contact a property service add service agent
Change compressor

Error Display = ft
Problem = Condensate water level Error
Reason = Condensate tank is full
Action = – Emptying the water tank

Error Display = Fu
Problem = Pump Error
Reason = Drain defective or improper hose connection (including kink or blockage)
Action = Check hose connection and hose
Change drain pump



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