How To Reset Sub Zero Refrigerator Steps

How To Reset Sub Zero Refrigerator  Step By Step

How To Reset Sub Zero Refrigerator  Due to its legendary quality and advanced features, Sub-Zero is among the most well-known refrigerator manufacturers in America.

However, Appliances Occasionally Need To Be Fixed.

Refrigerators made by Sub-Zero operate effectively and with little need for maintenance. Integrated devices can occasionally malfunction, show errors, or deliver the results you expected.

Check out the following typical difficulties if you’ve discovered something wrong with your appliance.

How To Reset Sub Zero Refrigerator
How To Reset Sub Zero Refrigerator

Frost Has Formed On The Refrigerator Or Freezer

Your Sub-Zero refrigerator may eventually develop frost around the cooling element. This is a concern since it can negatively impact cooling performance and put greater strain on the motor. Additionally, it uses up internal space in your appliance, which reduces the amount of room available for food storage.

The Solution is as follows:

  • Consider whether you or a member of your home may have unintentionally left the door open. When the door is left open, moisture enters the appliance and condenses on the refrigerant at the back of the unit, where it eventually freezes.
  • Inspect the door’s seals. If they are harmed, mouldy, or missing, air can freely move within the refrigerator, causing moisture to condense and create ice formations. Sub-Zero sells replacement gaskets (door seals) that you can order. Gaskets wear out more quickly under heavy use. The company sells the following gasket varieties:
  1. BI for replacing the doors on the Classic Series
  2. IT, IC – for the replacement of the Designer Series and Designer Wine Storage
  3. PRO3650 and PRO4850 – used to replace door gaskets.
  4. If you are unable to locate OEM components and instal them yourself, you can alternatively acquire generic refrigerator doors.

The Refrigerator Isn’t Working

Sometimes Sub-Zero refrigerators will completely stop functioning. Don’t assume that the device’s usable life is over. Problems are frequently solved by easy fixes.

Act As Follows:

  • Verify that the unit’s power is on. Check to see if you haven’t tripped the switch in your fuse box if your home has a separate circuit for your appliances. Additionally, make sure all of the buttons on the device are in the on or “1” position.
  • Ensure the fridge’s control is turned on. Refrigerators made by Sub-Zero have a thermostat that constantly monitors the appliance’s interior temperature and modifies cooling power as necessary. Occasionally, nevertheless, even when the interior of the fridge becomes warm, it fails to turn the compressor on, giving the impression that the device is not in use. To replace your Sub-Zero thermostat, try this. The control is located on the rear wall of refrigerators, top right.
  • Verify to make sure the device is not in showroom mode. For detailed instructions on how to switch it to regular mode if you think it might be, get in touch with Sub-Zero customer care.
  • Verify the appliance is not in defrost mode. In order to allow for de-icing, Sub-Zero refrigerators will occasionally turn off the cooling system. Watch the device for a half-hour to see whether it restarts.

Unable To Make Ice

Look Over The Following:

  • The control panel’s ice maker is turned on.
  • The ice machine is functional and connected to your water supply.
  • The freezer drawer’s ice container is situated properly.

The Control Panel Display Is Flashing A Warning That Reads “SERVICE.”

Sensors that come with Sub-Zero freezers alert you when maintenance is required.

  • If “SERVICE” flashes on your refrigerator, it may be time to clean the condenser, which is the component that transmits heat from the refrigerant to the air. Start by turning off the appliance, then turn it back on. To fix the issue if the error notice still appears, contact a Sub-Zero-certified professional. This is not a DIY project.
  • The trouble codes “SERVICE” and “ICE” may flash on refrigerator-freezer equipment. If the message persists, try the aforementioned approach and restart the appliance. Contact your qualified Sub-Zero engineer if it doesn’t.

It’s Warmer Than Usual Inside The Refrigerator.

Even with the cooling turned all the way up, you could occasionally discover that your Sub-Zero refrigerator is running warmer than usual.

The Solution Is As Follows:

  • Verify that the control is appropriately configured. It might have been overheated by accident.
  • Inspect the condenser area for cleanliness. If it isn’t, you might try taking the device out of the wall socket and using a duster to remove any dust. You can hire a certified Sub-Zero engineer to solve the issue if it is with the appliance itself.
  • Consider whether you recently added a significant quantity of food. Compared to gases, solids tend to hold onto heat longer and need more energy to cool. The temperature will rise if you just put fresh produce or a sizzling pie in your refrigerator, giving the impression that it is overheating. In case you’re concerned, check the temperature again in the morning to see if it hasn’t changed.
  • Examine the drawers or doors to check if they have been left open for a long period. Although refrigerators have the ability to cool their internal cavities, they are unable to cool your entire house. Check to see if there is anything blocking openings so that they cannot close.

You Notice That Your Refrigerator Runs More Frequently

Only when the temperature exceeds the threshold you select should Sub-Zero refrigerators start to operate. They use insulation the rest of the time to keep your food refrigerated.

It can be a little unsettling, though, if you ever find that your refrigerator runs continuously for extended periods of time.

Here’s a solution:

  • Keep the weather in mind. The refrigerator runs longer to maintain a cooler interior temperature on hot days.
  • Check that nothing is blocking the drawers or doors.
  • Verify the condenser area’s cleanliness.

Replacement Required for Light Bulb

Either the top compartment or the drawer could experience a lighting failure. And when that occurs, it’s harder to view your food.

Here’s A Solution:

  • Replace the regular 40-watt bulb in the top compartment light (code 3030030).
  • Replace the drawer compartment light with a standard 25-watt bulb – code 3030060.

In this manual, we go over common troubleshooting techniques and refrigerator repair approaches. The following models are covered by this guide: How To Reset Sub Zero Refrigerator

Models 700TR, 736TR,  700TF(I) , 736TFI, 700TC(I),  736TCI, 700BR, 700BF(I),  700BC(I)



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